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The main focus of Destop Publishing software is on layout and design. Its strengths are that it makes it easy to achieve a professional looking result with very little knowledge of the software or graphics design skill.

A Word Processor is different, you only can type straight across the page or use columns, this software doesn’t make the document looks creatively and proffesionally.

There is also the benefit of using frame by DTP, you can resize, reshaped, reposition and make the frame fit just any space available. Also, you can rotate, crop and overlap to make visual impact of a product. That’s the special things which is only used in DTP, not WP.

You can insert a photo simply, place it anywhere on the page and even make the text automatically flow aroung the photo in many different ways. It’s easy to make a professional looking results every time rather than waste time in using WP.

DTP allows you to create a greetings card, menu, booklet or more complicated folded document then suing the WP.ways.and even make the text automatically flow aroung the can rotate.

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