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Aliens are creatures from outer space, but do they do they exist? In this memo I will talk about this. Aliens are creatures from outer space, there is evidence that they live among us. They come from spaceships (some call “flying saucers”). It has been sited in various countries including the US. There are many people who agree that aliens do exist, there have been eyewitnesses. Aliens, are mostly suspected to come from mars the red planet, as their have been many sitting of UFO’s in NASA satellites. Many astronauts also have seen strange objects in space. There also have been many crop circles which couldn’t have been done overnight by humans Aliens are made up, as many crop circles have been made up by pranksters, also that man y sitting can be made up to get publicity and scientists have researched on the sitting arenas and found nothing abnormal.

Many people don’t believe that aliens exist as teenage pranksters try to fool the world with fake sighting of aliens. I believe that aliens exist as there have been many cameras and satellites seeing aliens, and that we can’t be the only intelligent being in all or the galaxy. And people think that aliens have been with us since the beginning of earth, as normal human being can’t build such amazing building seen in ancient cultures. In the ancient painting there have been pictures of aliens so there must have been some thing in the early world that the people have believed in. some people believe that aliens are peaceful and will share the information with us so there will be a relationship between our worlds but others believe that they will conqueror our world and turn us into slaves So our planet maybe the only intelligent planet in the galaxy, but we cannot be sure. Aliens may exist or it maybe a fiction of our imagination. Who know there may be aliens?

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