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Have you ever wanted your life to become easier than it already is? Isn’t it always tiring driving a car which is a waste of energy and effort? Well the solution is simple. The latest technology involving the new driverless car will evolve the meaning of driving, allowing easier travel to places. A driverless car is an automated vehicle capable of fulfilling the main transportation capabilities of a traditional car. Another commonly used name for a driverless car is autonomous car. This particular vehicle has the potential to sense its environment and navigate without human input. At this current time robotic cars exist mainly as prototypes and demonstration systems. However in years to come these cars will have the need in society.

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Into The Future

Easy life easy driving with anonymous driverless car.

Fewer traffic collisions, due to an autonomous system’s increased reliability and faster reaction time. Increased roadway capacity and reduced traffic congestions due to reduced need for safety gaps. Relief of vehicle occupants from driving and navigation chores. Higher speed limit for autonomous cars.

Removal of constraints on occupant’s state.
Alleviation of parking security, as cars could drop off passengers.

More endless advantages
Reduction of physical space required for vehicle parking.
Elimination of redundant passengers because of its sensing technology. Reduction in the need for traffic police and vehicle insurance. Reduction of physical road signage.
Smoother tide.
Reduction in car theft, to the vehicles self-awareness.
“The driverless car is just amazing. Who could have wondered that there was such amazing technology in this world? Can’t wait till it is sold commercially!” Costs
Since these cars are still not in the market, there is no set price given to them. However when they will be publically released, the world will only expect the top privileged­ classes to purchase this vast technology.

The new era to cars worldwide.
This is brand new autonomous car still has quite a few years to go before it is fully developed and is allowed to be sold commercially. In the world there are already many driverless cars on the streets but there are only used for simple testing. Companies like us ‘RobotoCars’ have already been working on a high level with these cars and they seem to be operational. However the only thing that is stopping RobotoCars from releasing theses automobiles is the aspect of safety. These cars need to be tested in real life situations so they can demonstrate how safe they are for a passenger. Therefore they are not ready to be released in the public. BUT THERE IS A VERY SHORT AMOUNT OF TIME LEFT BEFORE THESE CARS WILL STEP OUT AND REVOLUTIONISE THE WORLD!

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