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Introduction: On this Business report, aims to evaluating two existing well knowing e-commerce sites. I will describe they weakness and strengths during the report I will provide a clear explanation how these theories are applied on today business. At the end of the report, I will describe and explain the principles of a good web site design.

EBay vs Amazon
EBay and Amazon are two very popular sites for online shopping. They provide a lot of convenience since you would no longer need to leave your chair in order to buy things. Amazon is an online store which is just like a regular store. They have lots of stocks of the products that they are selling and you can return or ask for a replacement in case what you receive is defective. EBay is not an online store, it is an auction house and it does not actually sell anything. EBay is a site where people go to buy and sell their stuff. Since Amazon is a store, it is also covered by the laws that stores are under. They are required to provide some level of service and warranties to their customers. With eBay, you are basically dealing with another person and not the site itself. In case your transaction goes wrong, eBay is not legally bound to compensate you. An issue that has plagued eBay since its inception is the presence of scammers. These are the people who pretend to sell stuff but would disappear once they receive your payment. To counter this, eBay has a feedback system where each party can leave feedback about their experience.

Reliable and honest people on the site would have high positive feedback while those who have negative or no feedback are generally not trusted. Still, there are a lot of people who gets tricked by scammers on eBay. The products that are being sold on Amazon are generally brand new but some refurbished products appear now and then. These products carry the same warranties just like buying in a standard store but they also cost just about the same. The stuff on eBay is usually old items that the owner likes to sell, just like a garage sale. You do not have the same level of assurance that Amazon offers but the prices are also substantially less. This is why eBay is populated with bargain hunters who are looking for a great deal on the items that they want. Summary:

1. Amazon is an online store while eBay is an online auction site 2. Amazon owns and is responsible for all the items sold on their site while eBay does not own the things that are being sold or auctioned on its site 3. There is a chance of being scammed at eBay but not on Amazon 4. A great majority of the stuff being sold on Amazon is brand new while the stuff on eBay is usually used.



1. Original, Fresh Content.
Content is king in the web world. People visit websites for the primary purpose of finding content, so make sure you deliver. Website content should be unique and up to date.

2. Target Audience.
From a quick scan of your website, visitors should be able to determine what you offer and how you can benefit them. A good website will have headlines and text that speaks to the target audience’s needs and wants

3. User-Friendly Navigation.
A good website has content that is easy to find. Pages should be organized and named in a way that the target audience will easily understand.

4. Simple and Professional Design.
A good website will have an attractive layout that is easy on the eyes. Be sure your colors contrast well and your text doesn’t require a magnifying glass to read.

5. Speed.
How many seconds will you wait for a page to load before you give up and leave a website? Many factors can affect the loading time of a website including coding, number of graphics, the server speed, traffic volume on the website and the capabilities of a user’s computer.

6. Search engine optimization.
SEO is one of the most commonly neglected aspects of a website, but a website is useless if no one can find it. Think about the keywords that users may search for to find a product or service you offer.

7. Link building.
Links are an important factor in determining where your website appears in search engine results. Find as many legitimate sites as you can that will link you your website.

8. Tracking.
A good website is a work in progress. A nice tool like Google Analytics will keep track of the number of people who come to your website, what pages they viewed, where they came from, what keywords they used in search engines, how many left after the first page and more.


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