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Effective Partnership Working – Getting the basics right from start to finish Essay Sample

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Effective Partnership Working – Getting the basics right from start to finish Essay Sample

Members included are from different organizations & professions where agencies work together to provide integrated health & or social care for the benefit of the individual Service User

The Service User being the central aspect of multi-agency working

The legislation & policies state the need for interprofessional working – The Health Act 1999, \’No Secrets\’ – Guidance related to developing, Valuing People,
All the parties involved have an interest in the partnership

All the parties are working towards an aim & outcome

A commitment that a whole person-centered approach is taken.

Effective Service Provision.
The group or parties have a similar ethos or system of beliefs.

All parties have a commitment to work together over a period of time until aims & goal are achieved

There is agreement amongst all involved that a partnership is necessary;

There is an understanding of the value of what individual can contribute

There are respect and trust between the different partners.

Partnerships are often more successful than individual endeavors because one group isn’t tied with the responsibility of doing everything within its own constraints of perception, knowledge, skills or other resources. And having access to a wider variety of ideas and being able to share the financial costs of achieving the desired aim also means that an organization could confidently tackle issues they had previously steered clear of.

Improved Outcomes for Service Users
Improved Outcomes for Carers
Provides a single point of contact for Service Users & carers – named a person to coordinate involvement.

Analyse how partnership working delivers better outcomes
Research states according to Dawson & Bartlett (1996) and Atkinson et al. (2002 ) –
Easier & quicker to access services
Earlier identification & intervention
better quality Services
The reduced need for more specialized services
ac[1.4]Explain how to overcome barriers to partnership working

Honest & Communication from all parties
Accept the challenges that all parties face
acknowledge each individual experience, experpertease & capabilities
provide accessible information
Consider the Family’s commitment when arranging meetings & be flexible around them.
Respect individual’s family differences ( culture )
Include Family & carers in training
Keep good positive communication channels open, even when you disagree

Outcome 2 Be able to establish and maintain working relationships with colleagues
Assessment Criteria

Explain own role and responsibilities in working with colleagues
Provide positive leadership
promote & meet aims & goals of the service
develop joint working partnerships that are purposeful & effective
Allow staff, Service User’s & carers to develop services that people want
Have a flexible & versatile approach
Value people & recognize their capabilities & developing potential
Provide an environment that allows development making sure that time is allowed & processes are in place that allows staff Servicer user\’s carers to be listened to & valued.
My Role & responsibility include Implementing the codes of practice with particular requirements to
Providing my staff team with regular supervisions & effectively manage staff to support good practice & professional development
provide training & development & to address any deficiencies in their performance.
provide training& development opportunities to help staff to do their jobs & to strengthen & develop their skills & knowledge.
provide a safe working environment in which discriminatory or exploitative behavior is known to be unacceptable & are addressed appropriately
Being knowledgeable & a source of information for staff
Taking responsibility for continuing managing development of the staff team

Evaluate own working relationship with colleagues

As the Registered Manager, I am able to demonstrate that there is a clear communication strategy covering all the different forms and modes of communication. includes:

People’s individual communication needs. Registered Managers must ensure that the entire workforce is familiar with the best approaches to communicate with each resident and how to overcome any barriers.
Communicating general information and sharing feedback. This could be through a residents council, informal meetings, notice boards, e-mails, texts or social media
Sharing information with families and/or advocates. This is usually communication to provide information or notification of events or activities. It may be appropriate to have a regular newsletter for relatives and friends, either paper-based or electronic, or a care home website could have designated pages where families and friends can log in to get the latest information.
Registered Managers need to develop clear protocols about information sharing. Obviously, there are organizational and statutory policies and processes that must be followed, but there should be criteria for when relatives are contacted and all of the workforces should know exactly what information can be shared, and with whom.
Registered Managers have a responsibility to ensure that the boundaries of confidentiality and possible reasons for breaching that confidentiality are both clear and understood by staff, residents, and relatives.As the Registered Manager, my aims are to have a workforce that shares a vision to achieve positive outcomes for the people they support. Inadequate communication will result in a staff group that operates on partial information, rumor and gossip; inevitably this will result in low morale among the workforce and a poorer quality service.As the Registered Managers, I try to make sure that the entire workforce is a key part of the team. Part of this is about having information but also about having well-understood channels of communication. I achieve this by;
Regular staff meetings
Notice boards
‘Open door’ times
e-mail, text, social media
informal discussion
recording systems and processes
modeling good practice
The list is endless as my responsibilities, I ensure that I am continually keeping up with my knowledge & career progression & learning from mistakes

Deal constructively with any conflict that may arise with colleagues

When dealing with conflict that arises with colleagues – I gain an understanding of the nature of the conflict
Listen actively to all parties
Gain trust & commitment from all parties to resolve the conflict by explaining the benefits of finding a solution & the negative impact & potential consequences that could impact on the staff team, service user’s
reach an agreement

Be able to establish and maintain working relationships with other professionals
Assessment Criteria

Explain own role and responsibilities in working with other professionals

Working in partnership with others is a major part of achieving positive outcomes. One of the most important partnerships is with the funder – often the local authority – but can be relatives or other representatives or advocates.

There are other key partners such as General Practitioners, Pharmacists, Community Nurses, Occupational Therapists and other health professionals, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Speech and Language Therapists, Social Workers, colleges, sport and leisure clubs and organizations that are important to the residents and their families. Multi-professional leadership is a significant aspect of the Registered Managers role. This might include a challenge on such issues as hospital discharge or medication practice, coordination of activities or seeking expert support in training.

The home’s communication strategy should include well-defined channels for maintaining communication with the whole range of external partners. Effective communication is the basis

for partnership working and the Registered Manager will need to ensure that there is an effective communication route for each of the partners with whom the home works.

The options for the best approach will include:

agreements about what needs to be communicated and to whom
triggers for communication and information sharing
arrangements for care planning and review
checking compatibility of communication systems
meetings and conferences
telephone briefings
e-mails and social media
Develop procedures for effective working relationships with other professionals

Agree on common objectives when working with other professionals within the boundaries of own role and responsibilities

Deal constructively with any conflict that may arise with other professionals

The causes of these barriers may range from conflicts between people, differing roles, the environment, available resources, structure & skills base, the process, the culture and so on. 6or example dissimilar working approaches in different settings may be a ma?or barrier in working in partnership or the process may be impaired by poor communication. Whatever the barrier may be it is vital that these are overcome. A number of ways to this include having shared goals and objectives and recognition of shared aims. Communication is also vital in all aspects of partnership working by continuing communication links and effectiveness with shared use of language & terminology. Involving individuals in key decisions with early intervention and the sharing of information is also essential. Everyone in partnership working will have their own role and duties so an understanding of respective roles will overcome any barriers derived from confusions by sharing responsibilities and vitalizing expertise. A clear rationale for Joint working& commitment to partnership & Joint training & agreed Joint protocols & informal meetings, networking and team building activities will all help minimize such barriers as confusion, lack of communication and so on.

Be able to work in partnership with others
Assessment Criteria


Analyse the importance of working in partnership with others
The benefits of working across organizational boundaries to develop, joint programmes to improve health, community safety, sustainable development, and regeneration have been recognized for some time. Good partnership working can, generate solutions to problems that single agencies cannot solve, Improve the services local communities receive, Enhance the coordination of services across organizational boundaries, avoid wasteful duplication and gaps in services, so making better use of existing resources. Partnerships come in all shapes, sizes, and structures. There are no unique models for successful partnerships. Different kinds of the partnership will be effective under different conditions, according to local needs and circumstances, but there are factors that are common to all successful partnerships

Deal constructively with any conflict that may arise with others

Have an open dialogue having agreements in place from the onset are help, have a protocol of the following in place agreements
Honest & Communication from all parties
Accept the challenges that all parties face
acknowledge each individual experience, experpertease & capabilities
provide accessible information
Consider the Family\’s commitment when arranging meetings & be flexible around them.
Respect indivdual\’s family differences ( culture )
Include Family & carers in training
Keep good positive communication channels open, even when you disagree

should conflict arise

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