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Training, development, and career management are no longer in the category of “nice to do”; they are now a “must do” for companies to gain competitive advantage and meet employee expectations. The Fifth Edition of Employee Training and Development will equip students with a solid background in the fundamentals of training and development in order to meet the demands of today’s global work environment.


Employee Training and Development, 5e retains the lively writing style, inspiring examples, balanced approach to research and theory, and emphasis on new technology and strategic training from previous editions.

Employee Training
and Development

New to the Fifth Edition:
New and expanded coverage of current topics and issues, such as outsourcing training, business-embedded training functions, intangible assets and human capital, implications of the aging workforce for training and development, new technologies in training, including virtual worlds such as Second Life, and designing programs, courses, and lessons. New chapter vignettes begin each chapter. For example, Chapter 8 (“E-learning and Use of Technology in Training”) highlights how Dunkin’ Donuts® uses a blended learning approach to help franchises run a successful and profitable business.

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