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India Essays

Writing about the history, traditions, folk about India is an ordinary task which students receive for the History, Geography, and other university subjects. Sometimes it is difficult to begin the paper because the writer has to understand the theoretical information. That is why each student has to begin doing homework by researching and reading lots of literature related to the topic. India essays can refer to various themes of discussion. If you do not know which to choose, read our samples on this theme. It is very useful because the final article is a good spur for beginning your work.

Our India examples raise different topics such as discussing popular writers of that county, its history, traditions, law and education system, comparison with other regions. The essay can be written in the form of contrastive style. By analyzing and comparing two countries, it is much easier to understand both. If you need further help with preparing your home assignment, order it here, and we will write the unique text for you from scratch.

Indian Culture in Past and Present

What does it mean to be a modern Native American? How does their historical culture influence today’s society? Sherman Alexie does an outstanding job of influencing his characters with culture and traditions. He also outlines the societal problems experienced on the Spokane Indian Reservation and the struggle between the individual …

The law and constitution of India

I would like to express my special thanks of gratitude to my teacher Mr. Ashish Pathak sir for giving me a wonderful and golden opportunity to do this awesome assignment on “Role of law in peaceful functioning of society in Indian scenario”. It also helped me in doing a lot …

The Revolt of 1857

The Revolt of 1857 took place one hundred years after the Battle of Plassey in 1757. The Battle of Plassey was an important stepping stone for the British rule in India as the British had overcome the French in India, and the state of Bengal had effectively passed into the …

Indian Retail Study - the Kirana or Mom and Pop Store

Leadership is the state or position of being a leader. It is being No.1 in one’s area of operation. This No.1 status is not easy to attain. Flexibility, trust, integrity and sustainability are just some of the virtues that make a person or an entity a leader. A leader can …

The Prevalence of Memes in Indian Culture

Before reading Richard Dawkins analogy between genes and memes I was of the opinion that a meme is nothing but a myth or a superstition that has existed in a particular culture. But a detailed research of this chapter impels me to think of the evolution of this meme. Through …

The Ik' culture, 'The Pomo Indians' and The Nayar Society of Southern India' The Ik

Choose any THREE of the cultures described overleaf and write a description of the differences and similarities between the cultures you have chosen and your own culture. Briefly discuss why it is difficult to trust the accuracy of the anthropological evidence. The three cultures I have chosen to talk about …

What views of Indian Culture are portrayed in 'A stench of Kerosene'?

‘A Stench of Kerosene’ written by Amrita Pritam, portrays the consequences of the strong influence of Indian culture in a village, which destroys a couple’s marriage. Manak and Guleri have been happily married for eight years. The story opens to give the reader an insight into Guleri’s homesickness. “Whenever Guleri …

India In The 1840s to 1947

Since the 1840’s there had been developing bitterness towards the influence and control of the British in India, which led eventually to Gandhi’s campaign of civil disobedience and independence being granted in 1947. The Indian Independence Act partitioned India, and granted independence to the dominions of India and Pakistan. A …

Transit: Impact On Bangladesh

1. Introduction A debate has been raging in the country on whether transit facilities should be given to India or not through the land territory of Bangladesh. Some argue that it should not be given unless some core bilateral issues with India are resolved, while some have advanced the view …

The Second Backward Classes Commission (Mandal Commission)

By an Order made by the President of India, in the year 1979, under Article 340 of the Constitution, a Backward Class Commission was appointed to investigate the conditions of socially and educationally backward classes within the territory of India, which Commission is popularly known as Mandal Commission. The terms …

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