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Ethical Consumerism Research Paper Essay Sample

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Ethical Consumerism Research Paper Essay Sample

‘”Ethical Consumerism is about more than lifestyle choices,” it’s about being an activist in your everyday life.1 Being an Ethical Consumer means participating in ethical purchasing, or the buying of ethical products2 that have been manufactured with minimal harm to humans, animals, and their environment.3 It’s the environmental impact, and treatment of workers.4 The amount of available ethical product choices have gone from organic foods and clothes to green cars (electric cars).5 One of the main causes for excessive consumerism is globalization and the Americanization of corporate Company’s.6 The thought of it is very based on Christianity “god made this world for us to share with our creatures. “7 There are plenty of laws to help with our planets state.8 To help refrain from toxins, chemicals are required to pass the kids safe test;9 realistically we should really ban all toxic materials.10 The Companies are becoming too powerful.11 Advertising is making our consumer choices for us,12 it needs to be directed to people aged teens and up.13 “Andrew Wilson director of the UK`s Ashridge center argues that shopping is becoming more important than voting.

Peoples purchasing choices can be a huge impact on the environment.15 Consumers need to realize the pollutions and toxins being released into our universe,16 as well as analyze the products that have been manufactured with minimal harm to humans, animals, and our environment. 17 People in Canada have become more environmentally friendly over the years, whether it is just recycling or using more green products.18 It has been found that the higher the household income the more ethical consumption.19 Apart from this there is also the idea of conscious consuming which is working less to do more of what you love, if you work less you consume less.20 Through studies it showed no sex was more intrigued in ethical consumerism they both felt the same way about the topic;21 it has also showed that people over 65,22 new immigrants and people who have more confidence in major corporations are less likely to participate in ethical consumerism.23 Consumers lack info on what they are buying.

The government needs to help consumers understand the info on products,24 we should have the right to know, and this means we should have access to social and environmental reports.25 A magazine called “Ethical Consumer” gave details to consumers about all things regarding the product, ranging from animal rights, human rights, and info on the pollutions and toxins, their aim was to give people a push to purchase green products.26 Access to info on ethical products is simple,27 internet and any public media is a good way to do further research on the boycotted company’s and more information on the products.28 Ethical products are fair trade, cruelty free, organic, recycled, reused, or produced locally. Numbers of standards/ labels have been introduced to inflict positive buying (B Corporation, Dolphin Safe Fish, EKO energy, Ethical consumer best buy products label, Fair Trade, Free- Range Poultry, FSC, Grass Fed Beef, Green seal of Approval, Halal, Kosher, Local Food, Made In USA,29 MSC, No Pork/ No Lard, Organic Food, Organic Trade Association, Product Red, Rainforest alliance certified, Recycled/ Recyclable, Shade Grown Coffee, Socially Accountability 8000, Union Made, Vegan).

There are different levels of being an ethical consumer, such as being vegan or not, some people are okay with eating animals but are against animal testing and so on. 31 People should realize their harms that can be done by purchases and being a consumer,32 if you say you love something don’t do something to harm it!33 You should make decisions based on your own values and beliefs.34 Ethical consumption participation has gone up between 2003- 2008 in Canada.35 Socially responsible consumption should be part of the curriculum in schools; it could help the numbers of ethical consumers.36 At home try using toxic free products, watch for specific materials that are harmful, reduce waste and use compost, reduce energy consumption, become more organic, and have integrity. People need to realize that the little things like recycling aren’t going to make a huge impact.

We need to stop logging in the rainforests that are endangered; it’s no different than an endangered species.38 The use of fossil fuels needs to be brought down we use more then we consume and need for our basic needs. Banning of some mining techniques should be introduced, as well as more public transit. Energy efficiency products are very important.39 Consuming less could benefit our world.40 Some laws and regulations are already in order and straight forward where some still need further discussion,41 there should be more standards.42 In 2001 a manifesto was drawn up, the whole point of it was to change the political environment we live in today. It’s been requested that there is annual social and environment reporting done by all businesses, as well as a ratio between high paid workers and low paid workers. There should be mandatory Carbon- Footprint, and energy consumption labelling on all products. Subsidiary company’s located in specific tax havens should be refused permission from trade.

Higher minimum standards on animal produced/ imported products. 43 Product “labels should include the overall countries, materials, energy use, and brands in which the product was involved;44 it should also include the data on products and the testing or regulation of ethical claims. 45 The environmental damages cannot be undone and to engage in the harm we should charge for things such as pollution, animal testing, and energy consumption. There should be rewards for the green people. 46 Packaging mass should be reduced. The banning of advertising would also help consumption lower. 47 Access to ethical products should be made available by the government. 48 The government should let company’s know what they are doing wrong, and help them change their ways and behaviors. 49 Due to boycotting new companies have become introducing a fair trade banner, they are said to produce more friendly products available in super markets and stores we have access to.50 Many studies are done on these ethical company’s.

Organizations provide information on companies, and evaluations for our access.51 There is plenty of laws in progress and already created for the better of our planet. 52 Using your consumer power to shop ethically, is just the beginning of the power we have in our globalized world. Ethical consumerism involves moral judgments but most consumers are pressured with the concerns of there daily lives and are less likely to make moral decisions over each product and brand choice. Having multiple choices in terms of buying fairly traded or environmentally friendly goods, and boycotting or avoiding certain goods or companies, understanding ethical choices becomes an important focus for researching as consumers. Ethical consumerism relates to economic globalization the dimensions of life that concerns are making and buying of goods and services, money and resources, because.

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