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The law has been effective in achieving justice for parties involved in a relationship breakdown. The development of the ​ family law act​ played a significant role in bringing equality to family breakdown and dealing with issues concerning property separation and family maintenance. The introduction of ‘no fault divorce’ while making divorce more accessible allowed for parties, particularly women to seek divorce in circumstances where the relationship has broken down. Amendments in statute law and precedents established under common law have helped deal with the inadequacies of relationship breakdown and assistance with maintaining that the law reflects the changing nature of relationships in Australian society. Legislation such as the ​ defacto relationships act 1984, ​ the ​ property relationship act, ​ the ​ children act ​ ensures that law provided justice and protection to all parties experiencing family breakdowns while ensuring that the interest of the child remain paramount, the defato relationship in particular reflects how relationships have changed over the years.

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