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Nowadays, it is a multiple society in Australia which consist of several nationalities and variety of structures and roles of families depends on different cultural background. This essay will define what the family structure and roles are and analysis the differences about these two types of factors between Australian family and migrant family. This essay argues that as time goes by, the structures of families will be mildly change and the roles which men and women played will be adjusted in some extent.

In order to discuss this issue, it is necessary to first establish what the family structure is e;and what the role is. Structure is the family members and role means what kind of family responsibility for members.

According to Robinson (2013), the most significant change between Australian nuclear families nowadays and those in the past is the work time of females. In the 1950s, a family was consist of an aproned wife and a breadwinner husband while over 50 years later, more and more housewives become economic independent because of a part-time or a full-time job along with taking good charge of their responsibilities for family(Robinson 2013). As time goes by, individualism for Australian nuclear family become more important (Saggers& Sims 2005). When the young children grow up, they are encouraged to be achieve self-fulfillment through turning independent form both society and their families and move out of their family to implement their own living plans. At the same time, the elderly parents prefer going to the retirement house to be separate with adult children (Saggers& Sims 2005).

In terms of migrant families in Australia, extended families are normal. In this case, Individuality is subordinate to family group (Hartley 1995). Children are educated responsible for elderly member in family and sons should take financial duty while daughters should caring house chores and decisions of individual are made by family as a group (Hartley).

With the mixture of culture by immigration, structure and role would be change in some degree which suitable for individual development.

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