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Everyone grows up having things they feel strongly about, because it is something you believe in and hope to do if it is a positive thing but not to if it is a negative thing. Over the years, I’ve developed a lot of strong feelings and my feelings were caused by my strong sense of emotion towards something. Feelings that are towards something are caused by a strong sense of emotion, like a need or a want, some are things that you may like or dislike. All of these feelings can change over time as well, like wanting to be a doctor and then starting to want to be a lawyer, or your passion. For example, animal abuse is something I feel strongly about because a lot of the animals are dying. Something I think is important to everyone in the world is world peace because I hate to hear that someone has been killed. Some personal examples of what I feel strongly about myself are my education and confidence because I need confidence to be successful to get a good education. What I feel really strongly about is my education and going to college.

From my prospective I think that education isn’t just going to school, education can happen in a lot of ways. For example, when your family teach you what you should do and how to do some things that’s education. I think that education has to have some rules and ways to send a message to others and the education that you want to send to the people is that you are being educated. Growing up until now, I always try my best to get very good grades to get into a good high school or college. Having a great scholarship and degree is very important to me and my family because it will to pay for my school funds, so it wouldn’t be a problem for my mom. I can get really worked up about this since this is important to me. My confidence is another example of what I feel strongly about. Part of my confidence goes towards my education. Being passionate towards myself and others is another thing I feel strongly about. I am always passionate towards myself and others because I would like to treat others as they would treat me as well.

The power of passion and being passionate can develop a new friend too. The reason self-confidence is so important because out of confidence it can become success. For example, if I was a student to begin a test with confidence in myself and my desired goal will give me a better chance of doing will on the test. Another example is that if you are hiring employee you will unlikely pick insecure, unconfident person. Instead, you will hire an employee that has certain qualities and self-confidence. Animal abuse is something I feel strongly about because animal fighting and using rodents for dangerous lab experiments is wrong. I think that animals fighting are cruel because animals are placed in a pen with each other, and fight to death. I think many different animals are fought, such as dogs, chickens, fishes. They are only put in the ring for entertainment, the entertainment of the humans who ruthlessly abuse their animals, and then make the animals kill each other. Another thing I think is wrong and harmful is that animals are used all the time by scientist to test substances or cures they think are too dangerous to test on us.

Humans are animals, so if the substance is too dangerous for the human, then isn’t it too dangerous for the animal. Bullying is what I feel strongly about too. Bullying is can be all over the world and in the cyber world. There are as many bullies as well as cyberbullies. I just dislike it when people hurt others. Experiencing it online can be permanent since many people will see it all around the world. I get really irritated when I see someone getting bullied because this can lead to major problems in the end. Bullying occurs in a lot of regular schools. It’s usually started by the same person who gets a few other students to join in on the bullying. Unfortunately, the majority of students are spectators who act like the “peanut gallery” laughing out loud or snickering behind the victim’s back. One thing that I can remember feeling strongly about since I was little, would be racism. Back in first grade, I remember in class seeing pictures of African Americans, including famous one’s going through horrible things, and it really upset me.

It makes absolutely no sense to me then how someone could be rude and spiteful to someone just because of their skin color, and it still makes no sense to me now. It continues to blow my mind how people can be prejudice against someone because of what color they are. It’s absolutely ridiculous to me. You are still a human being who thinks and has feelings, and your skin color should never be more important than your thoughts and what you speak. I know these can happen because of judging by the looks and personality. Going to conclusion, all of these opinions and concerning means that you are not wrong, but it can help persuade others, feeling strongly about something doesn’t make you more reliable, it makes you less reliable.

When you are feeling strongly about something, this will motivate you to defeat your “opponent,” it will help you be compelling and forceful. Everything that you want to stop or do better in is something you feel strongly about because it gives you passion to be able to complete your belief. I think that if I feel strongly about a certain topic, like bullying I will stop it when it happens because it is something I want to stop happening. So, if you want the world to not decrease the number of people, you should help the victim when you know they are going to face problems because of others’ actions.

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