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Introduction of TOPIC

Education is the backbone of a nation. No nation can prosper without education. It is both for man and woman. Women are the half part of the society. So a country can’t expect her prosperity without educating the women folk.

The importance of female education is a many. An educated woman is aware of her duty and responsibilities. She does work for her family with a proper care, for the society with a responsibility, for the country with a duty, for the people of the country with a love.

An educated woman plays an important role in her family. She easily understands the responsibilities of her family. She does her household works with proper care. She arranges the family in her own way.

Every woman is a potential mother. If mother is educated, she can bring up her children in a constructive way. Napoleon once said, “Give me an educated mother, I will give you an educated nation.” From this saying, we can realize the necessity of an educated mother. An educated mother knows better than an uneducated mother how to rear her children, to educate them and to make them worthy citizen of the country.

Education is necessary for a woman. An educated woman is aware of her health. She always tries to eat balanced diet. So she takes the food that is full of vitamin, nutrition. She also suggests others to take balanced diet.

Many ignorant parents think that educating their daughter is just wasting money. They are burden for the family and so they are soon married off. Some people are strongly opposed to female education. They only believe in womens’ traditional role of a mother, a wife and a house-maker.

A ray of hope is that a great change in the outlook of men towards women is noticeable. Women have come out of home. They are now engaged in productive activities receiving education.

We can’t think of the progress of our country avoiding our females. So, female education is a must. It is matter of joy that our govt. has already taken different steps for the expansion of female education.

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