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Film Review Essay Sample


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Introduction of TOPIC

Critical Film Review – 25% Due date: August 8 For the critical review assignment, you are required to choose a film. The first section of your review will provide a brief overview of the film. The main content of the review will provide a thorough critique of how the film engages themes, characters, setting or any film aesthetics to represent race, gender, class, religion or any other social issues that we have examined in class. Purpose: The aim of the critical review is to allow you to apply course concepts and material through the critical analysis film. Format: Double-space and number the pages of your review. Include a title page with the title of the assignment, your name, and lecturer’s name, date, and course code. Make sure to include a bibliography of the sources that you use plus the work that you are reviewing.

Your bib

liography must also include any course material that you used. Only MLA citation style is to be used

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in this assignment. File names must include your last name first, ex: smithkmediareviewROW. Criteria for Evaluation:  You must use at least four outside sources.  Scholarly sources include: Academic journal articles, books, government documents. While you may use academic journal articles that are online, please refrain from using websites where references are not cited Wikipedia does not count as reference Depending on your review, it might be useful for you to use newspaper, magazine articles, interviews and other relevant sources.

However, in addition to this you should use more scholarly sources. Length: This paper should be between 7-8pages. Normally, no more than 9 pages will be accepted. While you are asked to do a review, the breath of your critique should not be a summary of the topic, but should be a thoughtful and critical assessment on your choice of review. Grading: This paper will be worth 25%  You will be assessed based on the following categories:  The use of 4 outside sources (Did you find four scholarly sources. Are they used properly?)  Critical Analysis: Did you provide engaging discussion in your review. Did you critically analyze your sources?  Style/Grammar: Was it intelligible? Was it organized using correct essay structure?

Citation: A major part of learning to write a University paper is to use a consistent method of academic citation. Did you use a recognizable citation
(MLA)? Did you use it consistently throughout the body of the text? Does your citation correspond with your works cited?

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