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Do you think Crippen killed his wife? Why or why not? No I do not think Crippen killed his wife. There are a lot of inconsistencies involved in this case and there is no proof found that he killed her. What other inconsistencies were found in the case when the evidence was re-examined? Why do you think these inconsistencies were ignored at the time of the Crippen trial? An inconsistency found in this case was the fact that after the victim was poisoned why were they cut up if it was supposed to look like a natural death. I think these inconsistencies were ignored at the time because they weren’t as advanced with cases like that back in the day. What other evidence linked Crippen to the remains in the cellar? Other evidences that linked Crippen to the remains in the cellar were the pajama shirt that was found at the crime scene matched to the pajama bottoms of Crippen’s. The label on the cloth also indicated that the remains couldn’t have been there before Crippen’s arrival at his home, because of when and where the type of pajamas were distributed.

What do modern forensic scientists find when they examine samples of the remains? DNA results concluded that the DNA of descendants of Cora did not match that of the victim’s, which means the victim was not Crippen’s wife. Why was forensic science important in Crippen’s trial? How was it used in the trial? Forensic Science was important in Crippen’s trial because the evidence gave insight to the jury. The Pathologist showed to the audience that the tissue remains contained hyoscine, the same substance used by Dr. Crippen. Why do you think people were so interested in Crippen’s case? In my opinion, people were really interested in Crippen case because it was the crime of the century that drew a lot of attention whether it is in the past or present based on how the crime was committed and how it was dealt with. 2. What was Crippen accused of? Why was he accused of this crime? He was accused of killing his own wife and cutting her into pieces, because he was the husband of the victim (his wife). Why was the Crippen case important? It was a landmark case, the first trial by media and the first to be dominated by forensic science.

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