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We usually here this cliché in a running contest or a marathon giving signal to the runners to get ready, set and run! But for me as first timer to join a fun run, it has more in depth meaning. READY. As a greenhorn, aside from preparing the running paraphernalia, I also conditioned myself to run farther than I normally did. In fact, I and my friends went to a sports complex in our place a week before to stretch out and have a trial run on the oval though in the fun run we had the road as the track. After getting myself ready or shall I say ourselves, because I was with my friends, we also planned how to get to and meet at the venue.

So since we came from north, south, east, west and call time was so early, we decided to stay over in one place and that was in one of my workmates and friends’ uncle’s house in Banawa, Cebu. Though he was not part of the running team, he still let us sleep over in his uncle’s house since his uncle and family were in other country. Since we were not on our own house and no mother was to prepare for our meal, we agreed to shop for groceries and proportionally contributed an amount to spend for the foods. It was a good idea to refuel ourselves that would keep us to reach the finish line. Important Reminder: Do not forget to make a list of the things you are going to bring and need during the activity. (

SET. Maybe you have heard this trite already: It is better late than absent. Yes it might be true for some instance but for an undertaking like this, Early bird catches the worms first would apply. Set is for set your alarms and avoid snoozing it and get up. Bear in mind that you did not have yayas or mothers to prepare for your meals unless there ware early carienderias open at that very early as 3:00am. Or else you would starve.

Moreover, you really had to be early because it was not easy to be just the person or the few who were running for the first lap while others were already on their halfway to the finish line. Yes it was embarrassing. And I and my friends experienced it. Hahahaha. We arrived very late despite we did not press the snooze of the alarm. The main reason was we set it on a later time. Hahahaha. So it was also necessary to set it earlier. Hahaha.

Yes it was really embarrassing yet funny run. So set is also to set yourself for unexpected turnaround of events and be open and enjoy. I really did enjoy seeing other runners on the other lane. And yeah you might be thinking that it was a fine weather, actually not. It rained. So another surprise for us but still we continue. We ran, we got lost, we walked, we got wet but still we ran and had fun.

So, set your SPIRIT to GO and let no obstacle stop you! RUN!

GO. Go out of the box. Yes, this was one of the great lessons I learned after this truly fun event. Before, there were lots of FUN RUN activities which I let them slipped away. I was too hesitant to join and in my mind it was boring and obviously tiring.

But with this activity, I was wrong. It was not tiring at all. It was self-fulfilling. It was simply FUN. If I kept saying No, I surely would not see what was outside the box. I surely would not see the real excitement in this kind of adventure.

So, for more adventure in life you’ve got to unleash yourself and see more of what you can do. But always determine what is good and what is not.

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