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1.1 Access information about general requirements for entering and leaving individuals’ homes

It is important to know the information about accessing a client’s home. For instance do we ring the bell or are there a key safe or any risks when entering the property. More important is that we keep this information safe so that the house is not accessible for strangers. Always keep a client safe so make sure when leaving the property the house is secure.

1.2. Special requirements and individual preferences for entering and leaving an Individual’s home.

You should always do an assessment on how to enter clients home. A person who is in a wheelchair or needs assistance walking will take longer to get to the door. You should discuss with them and their family as to how they would like you to enter the house. This might be by using a key safe or ring them to come and open the door for you if they are hard of hearing. When leaving the property always ask the client if they would like the door locked or closed or leave open on leaving. Where there is a key safe make sure the door is locked and the key put back in the key safe.

2. 1. Inform the individual and others about a planned visit

Always make sure that a client knows you are on your way. Provide them with a rota to see who is coming for the week and at what time. If you are running late please inform the client.

2.2 Identify self on arrival by agreed means

Always identify who you are by agreed means when entering a client’s house. If you don’t the client might think you are an intruder. Wear an identity

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