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Games Essays


The negative effects of video games

The negative effects of video games: causation or correlation? If you read or watch the news, it is not hard to find shocking and dramatic examples of people who harmed themselves or others after playing video games. The American teenagers

The Language Game

The language game is moving away from the idea that language is just there to describe or ‘picture’ things. Ludwig Wittgenstein came up with the notion that words and language are part of an ‘anti-realist’ or postmodern approach to language.

Effects of Computer Games

Geography’s study area is ‘‘the world and all that is in it” (Fitzpatrick, 1993, p. 156). Economical, political, scientific, and military impacts of geography have become crucial in our daily lives as the world has become a global village in

The Effects of Video Games

It is time for adults to come out of the closet. When talking about video games most people will picture in their minds an adolescent glued to a screen; while it is true that 92% of American children play video

How Online Game Affect Human

Brief description Article1. Online computer gaming: a comparison of adolescent and adult gamers In this article, the main concern is the psychology of the players of online computer games. Summary – In the advent of the advance technology, computer games

The Video Game Industry

            The video game industry was characterized by a high level of competitive rivalry and the two main competitors were Nintendo and Sony. However even though they were targeting the same segment of the market, they implemented different strategies to

Game Rules and Disabilities

The game of kickball helps children in learning concepts of games and skills such as throwing, running and catching. It is played by six players who come from teams of eight players a side. This game is one of the

Electronics Arts Case Study

Question 1             The video game industry was in a constant state of change because of the rapid growth characterizing the gaming technology. As a result, companies which were in a position to develop games that were compatible with the

Effects Of Video Games

As a quick glimpse at the recent events that grace the newspaper’s headlines show, there is indeed a growing concern over the violence that happens in schools all over the country.  The issue is not limited to the increased teenage

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