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Generation Essays


The Lost Generation

In the early 1920s, Gertrude Stein, during one of her monologues directed at Ernest Hemingway, she was said to have remarked to him that he and his peers were “all a lost generation.”1 Hemingway pounced on it and used it

The Shanghai Boundaries of Shanghai Baby

Abstract             The city of Shanghai, like many old ports across the globe, is a “world city”, having been exposed to and influenced by a variety of cultures throughout maritime history.  It is not just the setting of Shanghai Baby,

Rosemary Bray, "So How Did I Get Here"

Writing on our own experiential learning and trials through the course of our lives is necessary to convey and project the issues central and unique to not only ourselves, but the cohorts of our generation.  Therefore, it is both aesthetic

The Greatest Obstacle of the New Generation

Introduction Since time immemorial, mankind has learned to use the environment to advance its life. Primitive man learned how to make fire, use rocks as tools for hunting and later how to cultivate the land which helped improve food production

Founding Brothers: A Revolutionary Generation

In Founding Brothers: The Revolutionary Generation, Joseph J. Ellis argues that the United States experienced an extreme crisis between 1787, when the United States Constitution was written, and the end of Thomas Jefferson’s presidency in early 1809. During this period

Generations File

In today’s workplace, employees are from three different generations; Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Millennia’s. All three generations have strengths and weaknesses. How would you form a team to take advantage of the differences in these generations? Please make your

The Multitasking Generation

The article entitled “The Multitasking Generation” is a must-read for both parents and children particularly in this age when technology has invaded our daily lives.  Author Claudia Wallis discussed the effects of multitasking in a way that is not only

The Greatest Generation

            Americans born between 1901 an 1924, in the words of Tom Brokaw, “is the greatest generation any society has produced.”  There is more to the title than mere acknowledgement.  There is respect and admiration for this generation who fought

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