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Trina Poston web link review Global issues that affect everyone There are far too many global issues to even name them all on a single page, however the main issues that directly affect our lives here, today. One of the greatest threats facing the planet is Climate Change and Global Warming Which is very clear, to scientists as well as those of us living on the planet. As global warming

global warming increases and species and their habitats decrease, the chance of our eco-system may be able to adjust or recover from it are decreasing. There is an overview of the climate change conference (known as COP18), Same issues, lack of media coverage, lack of funds, and lack of action.

Rio+20 is The UN conference on Sustainable development. Aims to get agreements to address poverty, sustainable development, and decent jobs, etc. these issues are basically revolved around the same thing basically. Another is the Global financial crisis, causes of poverty, foreign aid for development assistance, Tax avoidance and tax havens, World military spending, and poverty facts and stats are also surrounding the same basic issue money or lack of it.

Some other issues such as racism and environmental issues and food and agriculture issues are also very important issues only much less talked about. I feel very strongly about the issues on climate change and global warming. I have been concerned about the lack of action for some time. In fact I have actually written three essays on it in the last year. It seems to me that food and agriculture would be more of an importance considering it could fix some of the Worlds issues as well as the need we may all be in need of before too long. Military spending seems should be more an issue

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