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1.Describe one academic goal that you have created using the SMART criteria. How does SMART criteria contribute to your academic goals?

I want to earn a 3.0 or higher by the end of this class

SMART contributes by helping me be specific-What I want to accomplish, measurable-wanting toobtain the 3.0, attainable-yes I can reach this with enough hard work, realalistic- Yes because I believe I can do it, timley-yes I can obtain this short term goal by end of class.

2.Describe one professional/career goal you have created using the SMART criteria and Career Plan Building Activities results. How did the results of the Career Interest Profiler and Career Plan Building Activity on Competencies contribute to your professional goal development?

A long term career goal I created is by march, 2015 have 4 interviews in the Human Resources field set up and 2 interviews completed.

They contributed by letting me know I need to work on my resource skills, goal focus, and organizing gwich will be very helpful once my career has started.

3.Describe the stress and time-management strategies you have learned this week that will help you achieve your goals.

The Set Time Method-Block out a specific time to do your work The Swiss Cheese Approach-Whenever I find free time do a small part of my assignment Getting enough sleep helps reduce stress, anxiety, and depression along with eating healthy and for me that means cutting out the caffeine, and lots of exercise.

4.Describe how you will balance academic expectations and your personal and professional responsibilities.

My academic expectations come first, Because with out a college degree I will not be able to obtain a career in Human resources so that means no professional responsibilities. My personal responsibilities will be delegated when necessary so that my academic expectations do not suffer. I do know things can change so I will also stay very organized in planning everything carefully so none of my obligations academicly, personally, or professionaly will be uncompleted.

5.How can understanding the importance of SMART criteria and your career interests and competencies help you move towards your career and academic goals?

It helps buy setting you in the right direction to succeed. We can now set academic goals with ease using the SMART criteria. I will be setting short-term goals through college so that I am not over whelmed, and the short-term goals will help me achieve my long term career goals.

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