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Hamilton Essays


Autobiography Soul Surfer by Bethany Hamilton

In the autobiography Soul Surfer by Bethany Hamilton three key ideas I found interesting were resilience, hope and courage. Soul Surfer is an inspiring true story about a 13 year old girl getting her arm bitten off by a shark.

Outline of Founding Brothers by Joseph Ellis

In many ways, Ellis has managed to create a detailed and carefully illustrated history of the American Revolution and the people and events that surrounded it in the parameters of a series of stories that few have ever heard. Depictions

Alexander Hamilton vs. Thomas Jefferson

1. Whose views make more sense to you? Hamilton or Jefferson’s? Why 2. Whose vision do you think has survived to the present day? Do we have a Hamiltonian balance of power or Jeffersonian one? 3. Give an example in

Comparison between Jefferson and Hamilton

Simple suspicion and a clash of political ideology led to the first division within a united party. This party was originally united under one common cause- the freedom of a new and growing nation. However, as the nation began to

Thomas Jefferson vs. Alexander Hamilton

Although most people do not like to even get involved in another persons problems, we as citizens have a personal duty to attempt to help or call the police if we notice someone getting attacked. Catherine Genovese arrived home to

Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson

Jefferson and Hamilton were both fundamental in the creation of the Constitution and the present government. They both agreed that the government needed some changes, but that is where the similarities ended. Hamilton was the creator of the Federalist Party

Personal Exploration of Knowledge

Submit a 1400-2100-word analysis that outlines your perspective on knowledge as acquired through exposure to stimuli outside of formal (work or educational) arenas. Analyze a sensory experience obtained from an organized activity (e.g. a visit to a museum, attendance at

Comparison Of Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton

Soon after the birth of America, many profound leaders and colonial individuals voiced their views concerning national policies; of those men, two shine through the somewhat foggy opinions of others with strong, never dwindling thoughts that would shape a nation.

Soul Surfer Compare/Contrast

The movie and book, Soul Surfer, both describe the story of Bethany Hamilton when she was attacked by a shark. Unfortunately, she lost her arm, but she never gave up on her dream of becoming a pro surfer. Although the

Thomas Jefferson vs Alexander Hamilton

Thomas Jefferson vs Alexander Hamilton, one of the chief rivalries at the center of American politics through the first two decades, split the nation by ideology and purpose. Hamilton, a staunch Federalist, and Jefferson with his agrarian democracy, could not

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