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Happiness and Macaroni Soup Essay Sample

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Happiness and Macaroni Soup Essay Sample

It was Saturday morning and everyone was so excited about the outreach activity. As we gathered, everybody went to their selected jeepneys as we go to our destination. I was very excited as I stepped down the jeep with all the things that we needed for the activity. We need to cross at the bridge for us to go to loob, Gainza . I was very afraid as I stepped on the bridge. It feels like I’m going to fall into the water, but I still try to overcome my fear. As we go by, there are tricycle that’s waiting for us. I saw children who are taking a bath, maybe because there are too excited about the activities at the same time for the feeding program. Finally, we already arrived at our destination. I’m so overwhelmed because the people there are so generous. They help us carry out those things that we bought for the activities. We went to our place to prepare the food for the children. I saw several children sitting on the branches. I feel pity on them because they are too thin; in short some of them are malnourished.

Our tribe prepared the ingredients for macaroni soup. Some of us chopped all the ingredients that need to be cut and some of us prepared the material to be used in cooking. It’s kind an awkward because don’t know where to start and how to approach them, but I still try my best. As I look for the other tribes to take some pictures, there are a lot of children almost a hundred pluses and above and I was shocked. I take pictures of them, I feel so happy every time I saw children who are smiling. There are very kind because they keep on participating and listening to their kuya’s and ate’s. I really love kids, so I also help the tutorial committee. I teach them on how to read and write, and there I realized that some of them don’t really know how to write and read. It’s not that easy to manipulate or control those kids for some of them are 5 years old below. Some are naughty and some of them are like they are just out of this world. I also saw those parents whose always keeping their child to be on their side. The rain poured out, so the activities suddenly stop. We waited until the rain stop.

After that, the games were continued until the last part of it. It’s time to serve the macaroni soup to the children, so we distribute it. In that activity I saw that there are very happy to eat macaroni soup that we made and there I realized, does this child have eaten to Jollibee or any fast food or any delicious foods? What if they don’t? After the activity we ate our lunch, everyone share their experience about what they did. Everyone was laughing, singing, and some of us are busy to prepare the afternoon activity. All of the committees in the morning session allowed to take their rest while the afternoon program is ongoing. It’s a time for us to mingle with our several classmates and also to the other section. The experience was very heartwarming and an unforgettable.

I realized that I am too lucky to have a family like mine and to have the things I need and I want. I can eat what I want. I go anywhere I want. I should be thankful of what should I have instead of being fretful and uncontented. I was lucky that I go to the best school, for there are children who wanted but they can’t because of their situation in life. Even I realize these things, if I will not apply this in my life it would be wasted. With this activity, I understand what life really is. Happiness is not based on what we have like gadgets, money, branded clothes, etc. but on what we share with other people to them because we don’t only think their smiles but a hope, love and support that we try to give

. I learned on how to share with other people especially to the needy one. It’s a goal for me to share with other people with any doubt to my heart but instead it leaves a happiness in me. As the activity ended and we are about to leave, those children are still smiling and keep on saying “bye bye” and as a returned I also waved my hand and say goodbye until the vehicle start and leave. I will never forget those people, mostly those kids who we made them happy even its just a single day because no one can ever take it away from them. That day was a special day. A day to serve other people, a people who are rich not in material things but in love, blessing from God, union and being helpful and honest to each other.

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