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Thank you very much for having us here today. Very recently, Tom and I were appointed to these positions, and we are exceptionally proud to have the opportunity to represent Oakwood school.

What really makes Oakwood so special, is the people, students and staff alike. With support from teachers, and peers, students are able to develop and flourish, both academically and morally. With ​ *things* ​such as out of  school activities, extra curricular clubs, and leadership opportunities, teamwork and teambuilding are a huge focus of our school. We believe that to succeed, you must be able to play a part in a team, and Oakwood School encourages this the the nth degree. From my arrival at the school until now, I have always felt supported and encouraged to achieve. This nature is reflected in the school motto “achieving excellence together”.

Over the past year I have started working on my GCSE’s, and the support offered to all by the staff has been amazing. The network of support that has been created for all when under stress or pressure is extraordinary. Not only does this include staff, but the entire school community. Facilities are available for anyone who needs any extra help with class work, or someone to talk to, or even someone to listen. In oakwood school we often speak of ‘one voice.’ Amongst all that belong to such an outstanding and encouraging place, one voice is shared. This voice is caring, supportive, and above all, it strives for the best it can be. Thank you to everyone that has contributed to creating an environment where individuals are celebrated, teams are rejoiced, and excellence is achieved. Thank you to all the staff of Oakwood school.

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