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Hierarchy and Human Resource Management Essay Sample


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Introduction of TOPIC

Do you see a connection between society as a whole and the hierarchy and Human Resource Management? In organization settings, the motivation in either the marketplace or the place of work cannot only be described by the hierarchy of need alone. The hierarchy of needs acts as the benchmark for explaining the behavior of individuals in an organization. The motivating factor can be determined by the location of the work, and the position of the needs on the hierarchy and which need is dominant over the other. During the change management, the essential elements are the involvement of the employee in factors that influencing changes witnessed in an organization. The organization should ensure that their employees have the appropriate skills which are required in the production process and service provision that meet the global standard.

One aim of human resource management is managing people and motivating them to ensure that they are productive. The critical role of the human resource management in attaining the management expectations is evident in personnel management transformation. The human resource function has been neglected in the past, regarding its significance. This role of human resource management development is as a result of the critical focus on the management of people to achieve the best results rather than concentrating on the worker’s welfare.

Despite the fact that the human resource management role was neglected now it’s becoming a paramount business concern. Both the current and the future decisions are influenced by the strategies of the human resource management. The organization structure affects the human resource strategies. If the enterprise has right human resource policies, the decision of human resources choices is also clearly evaluated thus are influenced by external factors such as the labor markets, trade unions, and the legal procedures (Harmon, 42).

The current human resource is tasked with the responsibility of connecting the human resource management functions with the strategy of the overall organization. Creation of healthy cultures is a method that promotes specific organizations goals. The critical organization culture will aim at uniting the employees with the aim of delivering the quality services and fostering innovation. Effective policies will render the organization flexibility and adaptability and have the ability to manage changes and have an adequate response as per the changes and the market demand. Also, the active human resource management policies will create an organizational culture that is unified and attaining the competitive advantage by appropriate use of human resources. In conclusion, there is an excellent link between the

society and human resource management. What have been the forces in the last fifty years that

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caused the shift from a personnel department to a human resource department? In the current period, there are a lot of pressures exerted by the organizations. Such environmental forces include the globalization increase, improved technological changes. Further, such as the formation of new organization alliances, more structures and different ways of assigning responsibilities.

These changes have contributed to change from personnel into human resource. The human resource functions have been developing for some time. A shift in human resources from the personnel was a section of the shift in recognizing the employee’s value as the resource of the organization. It aimed at eliminating the stigma that is related to the sluggish procedures in the department of personnel.

The change from personnel to human resource department was facilitated by the requirement of human resource becoming a suitable partner with business leaders hence contributing to the important business resolution. Besides, human resource offers useful advice on business changes and fosters the value of the employees. It was an approach that needs to deliver the services of human resources that satisfy both employers and the employees’ needs making human resource a critical contributor to the success of the organization.

What do you feel is the most important aspect of today’s human resource issues? And which of these issues do you think will lead to the biggest change in the workplace. In future, the human resource profession and the workplace will be affected by the globalization, economic uncertainty and the labor market will be tighter than before. These challenges and the trends have increased competition for talents.

Also, developments in new technology such as crowd-sourcing and talents networks which enhances the flexibility and productivity in an organization. Also, there is an increase in insecurity. The security of the data is a concern to both the employer and the employee. There has been the increase in data breaches in organizations. The level of insecurity has been on the rise, and more violence is witnessed among the workers because in some areas political instability is present in the business environment.

Further, there are significant effects on the economy despite the improvement in the economic indicators. There is rising strain regarding the budget by many organizations. The budgetary pressure influences the hiring process and other human resource practices. The political instability in some regions continues to make businesses uncertain. The demographic difference is another factor that has a significant impact on the human resources practices to determine their profits.

According to union statistics, there is a rising inequity in worker/management pay. Despite this, there is a decline in union membership. Why? There has been an increase in injustices for the employees in the nonunionized member as compared to unionized members. The worker’s exploitation has increased despite the rise in the employment rate. The decline in union membership has grown. Factors contributing to union membership decrease are the new laws that were initiated by unions, and this undermined their powers. Also, there has been increased expansion manufacturing activities in states that have no unions.

Besides, there is the development of other sectors like the restaurants and retails where the unions are not very strong and are less influential. The worker’s injustices evident include low pay, discrimination by color, ethnicity and reduced salary and wage increase  (“Collective Bargaining | AFL-CIO”).
Have you ever belonged to a union? Describe the experience.

I have been a member of American Institute of Certified Public Accountants from 2012 to 2017.There are several benefits that I enjoyed as a member of the union. As a member of the organization one enjoys better working conditions such as the increase in salary, appropriate health insurances, good pensions and working in an environment that has is safe and free from the injuries  (“Collective Bargaining | AFL-CIO”)

Work cited

“Collective Bargaining | AFL-CIO.” Aflcio.Org, https://aflcio.org/what-unions-do/empower-workers/collective-bargaining. Harmon, Paul. “The scope and evolution of business process management.” Handbook on business process management 1. Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2015. 37-80.

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