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Do you enjoy living in Hong Kong? In these few years, it is not difficult to hear strong voice of opposition from the citizens and protest is often seen in Hong Kong. Also, it has been a hot debating issue that whether Hong Kong is a good place to live or not. This essay explains why Hong Kong is no longer a good place to live in the aspect of the environment, social harmony and housing in Hong Kong.

Some people think that Hong Kong’s governance is better than before, in fact, it is worsened, Before, 1997, Hong Kong is governed by British for a long period.

First of all, as environment in Hong Kong is getting worse and worse, it is rare to see pure sky and clouds in Hong Kong. In the past, many green land and natural scenery is found in Hong Kong. However, with the growth of economy, Hong Kong became a well-known global financial center. In order to assort with this title, lots of skyscrapers and offices were built, at the same time, green land and sea areas are sacrificed, Moreover, there are many types of pollution, like air pollution, water pollution, light pollution and so on, which bring various negative effects on our environment as well as our health. Air pollution is the most serious factor affecting our environment. According to the report from Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department, the Air Pollution Index (API) remained in a high level in these few years, that means air we breath in everyday is in a bad quality. To me, Hong Kong is like a concrete jungle, filled with pollution everyday.

Thanks to the government policy, conflicts exists in everywhere in Hong Kong.

According to the HKU Pop Site, citizens’ satisfaction towards the overall performance of the HKSAR Government keep on decreasing in quarterly average. People nowadays tend to parade on street to express their dissatisfaction of the government policy, like the incident of National Education, cross-boundary couriers and the free license distribution of television.

Housing is an everyday topic of Hong Kong people, everyone in Hong Kong are suffering from inflation.

With the problem of a huge population on very scarce land, there is no enough public housing for local people to live. At the same time, with high cost of living, many people are not affordable to buy their own flats, living in a terrible condition Although Hong Kong is an affluent society, there are subdivided units in different locations. There are twenty-thousand people living in a very limited space in Hong Kong.

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