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1. Explain the convergence and area of origin and explain what each term reveals terms area of to an investigator. Convergence is a point where the width and length on a plane from which the drops of blood stain was from. Area of Origin is an impact pattern of bloodstain where the height, width, and depth created. Both origin of impact pattern help investigator to tell and retell the incident of a crime involving stabbing and shooting.

2. Explain the difference between forward spatter and back spatter and identify which is more likely to be deposited on the object of the person creating the impact. Forward spatter is from when the blood splatter is going away from the force of entry. Backward splatter is blood going backwards to source of access. A gun would cause a backward splatter only if the bullet does not exit the body. Point of range between the victim and assailant determines if it is back splatter.

3. Explain what determines the size of blood drops in a cast-off pattern. The size of blood drops are define by size of material, amount of blood, and the direction the material was moving. The backward and forward splatter of blood may help determine number of blows.

4. How can investigator tell the direction of travel of blood from the shape of a bloodstain? The direction of travel of blood striking an object may be discerned by the pointed end of a bloodstain always faces its direction of travel. Measuring the degree of circular motion. At right angles the blood drop is circular, as the angle decreases the pattern elongate, and also by an Equation: Sin = width of blood stain /length of blood stain.

5. What is a void pattern? How might a void pattern be useful to investigators? Blood splatter made on an object that block the target surface, the blank space on the surface of object may give a clue as to the size of the missing abject or person, and it helps produce position of a victim or attacker.

6. Name and describe two methods for documenting bloodstain patterns. One method is the grid method which uses photos and drawing grid squares determine the correlation between each bloodstain. Perimeter ruler is another method which involved measuring around the border of bloodstain and measuring each blood stain in the border that are next to each other.

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