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How did Cabeza De Vaca survive? on June 17, 1527, Cabeza sailed from Spanish mainland with 600 settlers to establish colonies on Northern shores of the Gulf of Mexico. He had hope, wilderness skills, made friends with Indians (Gain trust in Indians), and met Christians. Cabeza was lost and completely naked; He lit a branch in the dying flames and kept the torch burning as he walked (Doc B). Each night he huddled in a hole he dug and “around” that pit placed four fires like the point of a cross (Doc B). Cabeza’s wilderness skills helped him survived, On Oct. 1528 he had the problem of thirst Cabeza would drink water from his stored hollowed-out-horse-leg containers Cabeza was so hungry that he could even eat berries, mollusks, rats ,roots, lizards, snakes, and spiders (Doc B).

Cabeza learned four Indian languages, including Charuccos, plus sign languages that helped him know what the Indians say and what the Indians are saying to him so he could know (Doc B). Cabeza made friends with the Indians, How because he performed a surgery on one of the Indians in 1535. He when he healed that wounded person the Indians gain trust on him that cure gave us a very great reputation among them throughout the whole land. (Doc C). On his journey he met Christians near the Gulf of California (Doc D). The Christians thought that Cabeza and his three fellow survivors were Indians. The Christians said that they had been long lost some Indians weren’t convinced by them, the Spaniards wanted to steal everything from Cabeza and the Indians because they thought Cabeza was an Indian(Doc D).

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