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As time goes by, the situation with our planet becomes worse. People are the main cause of the already damaged environment and unfortunately a lot of them do not even realize that they harm their own home. One of the biggest problems that have deteriorated is the plastic bag problem.

It is a growing menace to humans and the consequences of it can be very bad. For example, plastic bags are made of petroleum, and when used – they cause a lot of pollution. It is also known that each year, people throw away 4 billion plastic bags. Moreover, it takes a lot of time for plastic to break down in water or on land. All these facts together turn plastic bags into a serious threat. To solve this problem, I believe that the best solution is to use biodegradable plastic bags. There are several factors which make them an excellent alternative to regular plastic bags. First, they do not damage the environment during their cycle. Second, they only consist of natural materials, which allow them to compost perfectly with organic trash, such as liquids and leaves. Third, they do not harm wildlife. When swallowed by animals, they are quickly digested as they disintegrate. Finally, people who intend to use biodegradable plastic bags do not have to change anything in their kitchen as their usage is the same as regular plastic bags.

As a conclusion, I am confident that the usage of biodegradable plastic bags can greatly help us in solving the worldwide plastic bag problem. However, people should come together and take this threat in earnest in order to deal with it.

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