Identifying Transtions Experienced by Most Children and Young People Essay Sample

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Birth to three years Starting Nursery The child would not really know what is going on at first until after the settling days at nursery. This would make the child excited at first until they realise that their parent / carer shall not be coming back straight away. Through this the child may become shy, dismissive, upset or even anxious, however will cease when they are in a routine and settled. 3

routine and settled.

3 years – 5 years
Moving onto to primary schoolThis again is a very anxious and exciting time for the child as they are moving in to a new school, with new friends and do not know what to expect of this new experience and feeling about starting big school ( primary school ). The child will feel shy, nervous or even dismissive.

5 years – 7 years
Friends moving or leaving schoolAt this stage they are settled and know there friends, so for a friend to leave or move away from the school would leave the child very nervous as the child will have to make new friends and that may not be easy for the child to do. Eventually the child will be become anxious and shy around other peers.

7 years – 11 years
Going to high schoolA child / young person starting high is a big time for them with mixed emotions, all based around the experiences they have felt and dealt with when making new friends and starting a new school. The pressure is a little more intense then when they were in middle school as they know what to expect but as they are older anxiousness will kick in and the child / young person would feel self-conscious or very withdrawn and acting out of character.

11 years – 16 years
Puberty This change to the child / young people’s body affects everything about them, so it is a particular confusing time. Knowing they do not have any control over what is happening this will make the child/ young people very dismissive and argumentative towards people and mostly their parents /carer.

16 years – 19 years
Moving awayThis will make the young person feel frustrated as they will feel as though their being torn away from their favourite place, friends and their environment. Moving to a place that is unknown will result in the young person feeling angry and anxious.

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