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SSM Cardinal Glennon is a pediatric hosptials beds that contains 190 beds. The organization is a not-for-profit facility located in St. Louis, Missouri. The hospital treats patients within the community, across the U.S. and countries around the world. The organization serves as a Level 1 Pediatric Trauma Center and Level III Neonatal Intensive Care unit, which both are highest possible classifications. The purpose of this paper is to develop a strategic plan that will implementation, strategic controls and contingency plans.

Cardinal Glennon strives to provide exeptional care to each patient that enters the facility. Short term and long term objectives must be established to ensure success. The short term objectives are those that can be achieved in a time frame of one year or less. Short-term objectives lead to achieving long term objectives. The objectives should reflect profitability, productivity, competitive postion, employee development, employee relations, technological leadership, and public responsibility. Strategic managers should discuss objectives in order to outline measurable outsomes of plans and activities that is used for feedback, evaluations, and corrections SSM Cardinal Glennon will establish short term and long term objectives that is aligned with the mission and vision. The objectives will be broken down with deadlines, and specific measures to be completed.

Functional tactics
Functional tactactics identify immediate and specific actions that must be taken in key functional areas to implement the business strategy. The functional tactics in each functional area is performed to implement the grand strategy. The functional tactics specify activites and how they will be achieved. Operational manager are responsible for esablising functional tactics, which ultimarely leads to business-level success. Functional tactics inclube business activities such as finance, operations, and marketing. At Cardinal Glennon Outsourcing

Outsourcing is a process that involves assigning particular jobs or processes to outside sources. Outsourcing is a strategy that help organizations save money and time on the jobs or processes that they outsource. Outsourcing can include call center, manufacturing, information technology, payroll and accounting. Payroll and accounting is the most frequent outsorced processes. Cardinal Glennon has outsourced payroll, FMLA, and distribution. Policies

Policies are important for any organization. It is particarly important in healthcare because of the depth of personal data that is on file for each patient seen. The polcies that are put in place at Cardinal Glennon will be a guidance tool for employees for their actions on therir job will representing themselves and the organization. At Cardianl Glennon policies will be set forth in oer to establish control over the actions of tasks, and personnel, influence major and minor decision. Compensation

By imputing policies in place, it serves as a guideline as to how employees should act. Following policies requires a reward system. Compensation plans, rewared employees for their actions. The rewards can include bonuses, rewards, and recognition. Cardinal Glennon offers rewards to individual employees and departments who exemplify exceptional care and acts to its patients.

Action Items
Action itmes can be described as the projects or processes that need to get accomplished for the chosen objectives. The chosen objectives Cardinal Glennon are differientation, product leadership, innovation and customer intimacy. These objectives will help the organization growth and success. Evaluting the operations of each department will be essential in order to achieve the objectives. Also getting consumer feedback on their wants and needs will be important. Setting department goals to achieve customer satisfaction will be a form of measurement.

Milestones are time lines to measure achievements. Milestones for Cardinal
Glennon will include achieving customer satisfaction, decreasing wait times, increasing patient load, employee retention, and increasing revenue. Achieving the milestones will require research on workflow proceses, employee training and marketing.

Tasks and Task Ownership
Tasks will be delegated among departments within the organization, whom then will report to the hospital Presdient. Managers will meet with their team to delegate smaller tasks so that they can focus on the bigger priorities of the deparments. Periodic meeting will be held to discuss what is going right, and what can be improved. Employees are responsible for completing their assinbed tasks, and will be recognized and awarded accordingling.

Resource Allocation
Resource allocation is a process that involves the company strategically deciding where resources shoyld be used in the production of goods or services. Allocations will be used to make workflow processes more effective and efficient. This will also require allocations for training. Management must be able to use allocations for resources wisely in order to save money, while trying to find ways to cut costs.

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