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Informed Consent is a voluntary agreement to participate in research. This is not just an ordinary form that is signed but is a process, in which the subject has an understanding of the research and its risks. Informed consent is very important when enrolling a participant. According to the Office for the Protection of Research Subjects (ORPS), informed Consent must be obtained for all types of human subjects research including; diagnostic, therapeutic, interventional, social and behavioral studies, and for research conducted domestically or abroad. Getting consent includes informing all parties involved of their rights, the purpose of the study, the procedures to be undergone, and the potential risks and benefits of participation. To protect the participants, and yourself, the legal rights of the participants must never be waivered. Subjects that are involved with the study must willingly partake.

They choose whether to involve themselves in the study. You should let the participant know that once involved they can withdraw at any time with no consequences. Some people may be intimidated by committing their involvement so it’s important that they are presented with the freedom to withdraw. Subjects need to be informed of the length of time in which the study will take place. The participants must also know of the benefits of the research to society and possibly to themselves. More people will agree to participate if they believe that they could benefit in the end. To protect people’s rights you must consider the special populations that get extra attention. For example, your study may include people belonging to vulnerable populations. This would comprise of populations like prisoners, children, pregnant women. The goal of the informed consent process is to provide enough information so that a participant can make an informed decision about whether or not to get involved in a study or to continue participation.

The participants must be informed of the potential risks and discomforts of the study. You should tell them that they shouldn’t anticipate any serious risks and if they are ever feeling uncomfortable during interviewing they can skip the question. The consent form should also notify the subjects about whether or not they receive any compensation. This must be clarified so that there is no confusion. Another important thing to consider when protecting the subjects is confidentiality and anonymity. Any information that is obtained in connection with the study and that can be identified with you will remain confidential and will be disclosed only with your permission or as required (OPRS, 2008). When recruiting individuals that are willing to participate in your study you must consider many things. Those things, outlined above, should be relayed to the subjects beforehand. That is the reason for the having an informed consent form. Everything should be detailed and carefully explained in order to ensure no confusion or misunderstanding between you and the subjects involved in the study. This protects the rights the participants and, coincidently, protects you and your study from any legal repercussions.

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