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The international competitiveness of industries and trade promotion policies are analysed from a network perception which highlights the role and significance of conditional relations and networks bridging industry and international limitations. Networks that are involved in the whole value production system categorize networks on their potential international competitiveness and the location of networks in local or foreign markets. Which leads to the ID of diverse networks that make available opportunities as well as threats to the international performance of firms.

* What role does the Internet play in international competitiveness? With the progressively growing global economy the wealth of a business depends on the international competitiveness of its organization. With this perception a firm’s presentation, which includes its international competitiveness depends on the businesses efforts, skills and the businesses resources it’s also important to have good performance and to be create a bond with other firms and organizations. One thing that is important to remember is the difficulties and requests of the buyers and sellers, to reinforce international effectiveness having a good relationship matters. Having victory within international business depends on establishing and managing positive relations with foreign colleagues and foreign buyers. These relationships will be long term in natural surroundings and consist of each person adjusting to the needs and problems one another. This development leads to the progression of merchandises and the bonding of firms which will lead to a long term relationship.

Competition is known as the principle of capitalism. Businesses make the product and consumers purchase based upon other consumers opinions of the products or services, consumers want the best quality and service for their money. If a company makes a product and sets a price that is too high, other companies will find a way to challenge them and take their clienteles away with lower prices and better quality- it sounds harsh but this is what a productive business is about.

As a competitor the innovative establishment has the choice of slashing manufacture costs to beat its competition, or the company can use advertising promotion methods to try to persuade their consumers to stick to purchasing the original product at the higher price because of the quality or even for cultural purposes. * How can managers protect the proprietary technology of their firms?

Proprietary information is delicate info that is owned by a company having this information gives companies a competitive advantage. Proprietary information resources are important to the success of a many companies with today’s exceedingly competitive global marketplace; it is acknowledged by many managers that the knowledgeable assets of businesses are commodities that are greatly sought after. Business policies prohibit disclosing or using confidential proprietary info outside the company for personal. No matter if it’s during or even after employment especially without written documentation authorizing a person to do so. So many businesses nowadays protect their clients confidential information to reduce the risk by using need to know policies; screen savers and server passwords while maintain non-disclosure agreements. Many companies reduce the risk of proprietary information and intellectual property loss by employing “need to know policies; using screen savers and/or server passwords; and maintaining non-disclosure agreements.


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