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Internet Essays

The technological sphere of our world is developing at breakneck speed. New gadgets appear each month, giving people new opportunities to use various devices. One of the most significant achievements in this sphere is the appearance of the World Wide Web. You can discuss this issue while writing internet essays. Social networks are among the most popular ones because their impact is noticeable in the XXI century. Discussing positive and negative sides is of the utmost importance. People have to eliminate the negative aspect trying to reinforce its good part. Another interesting theme for investigation is about the internet security cameras and their influence on others.

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Internet Security Cameras

What features mentioned in 1984 have become true in our present day society? George Orwell wrote a dystopia which in that time (1949) may have seemed like pure fantasy. Nonetheless, present time has proven to be scarier than fiction itself

The most common social networks

Facts:  Acquisition accelerated Facebook’s ability to bring connectivity and utility to the world;  Leading mobile messaging company operated independently and retain its brand;  WhatsApp co-founder and CEO Jan Koum to join Facebook Board of Directors. Facebook, MENLO

London Knights Situation analysis

In order to find out an in depth information about the London Knights so I’ve decided to carry out a secondary and primary research. I used the Internet as part of my secondary research. The Internet was very important because

Using the Internet

What I want to find out:- 1. What is the process of cloning? 2. Disadvantages of cloning? 3. Types of cloning? 4. Materials needed for cloning? Search engines which I will use:- www.ixquick.com Ixquick search results are more comprehensive and

Phorm and its Webwise Scheme

Phorm is an American company which is working with British internet service providers (ISP)[1], to introduce a new scheme called ‘Webwise’, where it would collect information on an individual’s web browsing behaviour. This information would be used to deliver targeted

Security Issues and Legal Constraints of Websites

How might someone obtain information about another person on the internet? Identify a website where this may happen. Users can easily obtain information from unknown people online such as by viewing at their profile where their contact details are sometimes

I.T. System to Track Share Prices

My dad has asked me to create an Excel Spreadsheet, which will track his share prices, as currently the quotes are only being recorded on paper, making it extremely difficult to plot graphs etc and manage it efficiently. However hopefully

Every Coin Has Two Sides

The atomics and nuclear was intended to solve energy shortage problems by generating electricity in 20th century; however, humans used to produce nuclear weapons. Additionally, the plastics was regarded as one of a most creative invention in 1862, but after

Local Access and Transport Areas

Local Access and Transport Areas – Local Access and Transport Area is a U.S. term that refers to a geographic region assigned to one or more telephone companies for providing communication services. A connection between two telephone companies within the

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