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Investigatory Project Essay Sample

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Investigatory Project Essay Sample

The researchers choose and investigate this problem to help people in the community prevent the harmful insect bites in a cheaper but effective way. In making this investigatory project the researchers used garlic and black pepper as insect repellent. The ginger will be pounded to get the extract. The black pepper will be pounded to get the powder. Put the extract in a spraying bottle. Spray it on insects.

We would like to acknowledge everyone especially to those who help us making this project. And to our teachers who guided us to do this project. Special thanks to our Biology and Research teacher, Ms. Angelyn Abueva and Ms. Cliressa May Alagad. And to the group members who shared their knowledge, wisdom, and efforts for this investigatory project to be successful. And to the Lord who gave us strength and knowledge to make this investigatory project. Thank you very much!!!



In our community, the common problem is insects. Sometimes it can cause death. To lessen the problem, the researchers made a solution which will help lessen the insect problem without using harmful chemicals that may harm the environment including us.

Background of the Study
Nowadays, our country is facing economic crisis. Instead of buying commercial insecticides the researchers figured out a way to make an insecticide that is less expensive. The researchers choose and investigate this problem to help people in the community prevent the harmful insect bites in a cheaper but effective way.

Statement of the Problem
How can we make an insect repellent out of Ginger (Allinium Sativuum) and Black Pepper (Piper Nigrum) as insect repellent?

Statement of the Hypothesis
The extract found in Ginger and Chilli can kill insects with the other ingredients that are effective as insect repellent.

Significance of the Study
In choosing this project, the researchers want to contribute knowledge on how to make an effective insect repellent. This Investigatory project can help maintaining the good health of the people in the community because of lessening the number of insects in our community.

Scope and Limitations
The researcher’s study is limited only in killing insects. Avoid using this project on your skin, and avoid putting this on a place that can be reached only of children. It will also help you in lessening expenses in buying an insecticide. Experimentation was done in the researcher’s home and was tested in a group of insects.

Review of Related Literature and Related Studies

Research Design and Sampling


Materials and Equipments
* 50g of Ginger
* 1tsp of Black Pepper
* Clean cloth
* Empty Spraying Bottle
* Grater
* Bowl
* Strainer
* 1cup of water
The ff. steps were taken by the researchers during the investigation. * First, wash the ginger, bowl, strainer, grater, and spraying bottle to avoid contamination like dirts, pesticides or other chemicals that may interfere in making the insecticide. * Next, grate the ginger. Put the grated ginger in a clean cloth, soak in water and squeeze it thoroughly. * Then, put the extract of the ginger in the bowl. Add 1tsp of black pepper and add 1cup of water. Mix it thoroughly to make the mixture more concentrated. * Lastly, strain the mixture to get the unwanted particles. Put it in an empty spraying bottle. Find insects like mosquitoes, flies, bugs, etc. And spray it three times.

Result and Discussion

If others will be doing this project, the researcher’s advice to mix thoroughly the garlic, black pepper, and water so that the solution will be more concentrated.

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