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Is the Use Torture Ever Justified? Essay Sample

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According time in the follow Asian, Middle East and other countries have used torture as a tool of murder for over two thousand years. Dictators believed that torture is a way to rule their country. “Is torture ever justified?” this question was asked on ABC News in 2004. In that poll sixty three percent of respondent believed that torture should be abolished, thirty one percent agreed with torture but with limits, and seven percent agree torture without limits. In another recent poll over the world, fifty-nine percent of respondents didn’t agree with torture, thirty percent accept torture with limits and thirteen percent allow torture. The majority of people polled believe that torture is wrong thing, so society ejected torture. In my opinion, this attitude is not wise. I agree that it is unacceptable to use torture indiscriminately in anywhere, because it related to Human Rights. But there are some special cases; torture is not only allowed but also essential. I stand on accept torture with limits side. There are situations in which torture is not only accepted morally but also people have to that. Torture with limits is acceptable.

Before going into problem, we need to understand “torture.” What does torture mean? Torture is action of using severe physical or mental pain to pain to get information from an individual, obtains a confession or revenge. There are many kinds of torture to die, such as the Brazen Bull, victims are placed inside the brazen bull with fire around, and there is a complex system of tubes to make victim’s scream sound like a bull. Impalement is the most common way; a tube is pushing from anal to mouth of victims. The Spanish Donkey, which gave victims an unimagined horrible ride; victims is put astride, naked on wooden triangle wedge on top. They were brought two heavy irons on their feet. Finally, the victim’s own weight and the extra irons cause the wedge to slice through their bodies, splitting them in half. There are many different ways to make people revealed their information; a technique torture is used today which is called waterboarding, they cover around victims’ mouth to make sure mouth always open and then they pour water into victim’s mouth. Another kind of torture Europe usually use is beating victim’s finger until they can’t feel their finger anymore.

According to the theory, torture is bad. Because torture leaves serious consequences on the psychological and physical to any victims and it is often used for bad purposes than protecting human life. The following information can help people to understand problem. In June 1979, a group of extremist people did kidnap a cab driver in Florida, demanding a several thousand dollar ransom. After few weeks, the leader of that group was captured by police. But a cab driver still was detained at their place. Concerned that a driver would be murdered if it was known that their caption had been captured, seven police officers made a radical decision. And also to find where the accomplice was holding a driver, they tortured kidnapper for information purpose. The abuse sustained by sinner was twisting his arm behind his back as well as choking him until he revealed the location of a driver. He eventually died because of torture and revealed the location. A driver life was saved by torture. In life today, we are dealing with groups of people who always seek to harm us to further their own ideal, political disagreements between the two countries, or a kidnapped because money.

To help protect our life and prevent loss of life, torture is sometimes justified. As a example above, if those people have to die, and another person get information to avoid bad things, it is justified. Jean Martin said “The suffering caused by the terrorists is the real torture.” For fighting terrorism, torture is justified. If you don’t catch them or destroy their ideal, they will kill you. The real example is the attack of September 11, when terrorism goes into America, and it took everything from you. Torture was usually used in twelve century. Anyone who did not agree with Catholic were considered heretic. It lasted six hundred and five years and over on fifty million people. In that day, they believed torture was the way to get real information from people.

They used torture because they wanted to protect their religion. Burning at the stake was the common way of torture. The victim was tied and set on fire; this even was usually showed at front of crowd. The worst torture was used in that time was the Judas chair included a seat with a lot of sharps thing, victims was seated down so those point will get into the orifice of victims. Today, after the attack of September eleven, American government began using torture to avoid suspected terrorist prisons. These tortures included using loud noises for long time, waterboarding, forced nudity or forced standing. Government used torture for against terrorist occur again. Torture is justified, when we use it to protect our community.

What will happen to us without torture? This is the question for people who disagree with torture. Everything will be mess up. Live in peace, people do not have inability to against bad thing. Assume there is a terrorist hided a bomb at Time Square, which will detonate tomorrow. Should you use torture for the bomb location and where the remote is? Torture is barbarian, but mass murder is far more barbaric. If you know that bomb will detonate tomorrow, could you sleep knowing that millions people died because of your coward? Someone die for many people that is the better thing we can do. In war, we will take massive damage if we do not use torture. There will be no peace if the war does not occur. Torture is justified which is save our life if it is administered. There is a question never happen in fact, the authorities have to torture in special case, and so they are the authorities, aren’t they? Torture is a crime and only those who benefit are innocent. However, human life is growing up, so using torture will be having limits. Torture is only used by government; ban all personal torture and handling of violations.

In conclusion, torture like double-edged sword. Depend on the circumstances and how people use torture for any purpose. It will good, when you use torture for community purpose. On the other hand, if you use it in your selfish purpose, torture will be evil’s tools. I am not agreeing torture as punishment. Punishment is the way to get back the past. Instead, I support torture like a measure to protect our life. I believe that using torture is the way to balance lives against bad things.

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