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I saw a photo when I was packing my thinngs,which was me and my grandfather playing together. We look blessed and happy in it.However,he was already passed away few years ago and I missed him so much.

Few years ago,in one humid afternnoon,I was walking home from school as usual.The weather is too hot so I decided to have a drink at the stall nearby to quench my thirst.When I was drinking, I saw a grandfather playing with his grandchild happily at the playground.Out of the blue,my intuition forewarned me of an eventuality, but I brushed it and thinking it was just my hallucination.

Soon, I went home and took a shower. When I was bathing, the phone rang and it echoed through the silent hallway. My heart skipped a beat without any apparent reason when I heard it. As I answered the phone, my aunt voice was vibrated into my ears. She told me that grandfather was going to pass away, a fear suddenly rushed through my veins.

I quikly took a taxi and my heart was fulled of fear of losing him.My mind drifted into the happy moments between my grandfather and me.When I was sad, he would always tried his best to cheer me up.Whatever I wanted, he would just buy for me.I am the blue-eyed boy to him.The voice of the driver brought me back to my senses, we had reached my grandfather’s house.

When I walked nearby the door, tears started to dribble down my cheeds as I heard my aunt burst out an uncontainable tears and I knew that my grandfather had already kicked the bucket.I went in and I saw he was lying on the bed with a calm face.I can’t controlled myself and shook his hand hardly.

”Grandpa! Wake up! I’m John!” I shouted my lungs out.

Suddenly, a gust of wind blew and tapered off in whispering endearments as if hallucinated. I could hear my granfather’s voice,”It’s fine, John, it’s better to be late than never.”

This had already passed for times but I still remember it very well.I know that grandfather will bless me in the heaven always, isn’t it?

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