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American Films and Assignment Unit Test

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Stories of Our Time Answer the questions below. When you are finished, submit this assignment to your teacher by the due date for full credit. (20 points) Score 1 . In ‘The Bracelet,” URI loses the bracelet that Laurie gives to her during the first day she spends in the internment camp. URI is quite upset until her mother speaks to her. What does Uri’s mother tell her? Why are her mother’s words so meaningful to URI as they settle into the internment camp?

Answer: Her mom tells her she doesn’t need a bracelet to remember Laurie. There meaningful because they help her get over leaving their home, family and friends. It helps her realize she doesn’t need anything to get over missing her dad. (38 points) 2. Compare and contrast “Thank You, Ma’am” and “The Circuit. ” How are the two stories similar? How are they different? Consider settings, themes, points of IEEE, conflicts and resolutions, and interactions between the characters in your response.

They are similar because both characters have a lot to overcome and want things they cannot have. There different because ‘Thank You, Ma’am’, ended with a positive note. But Circuit the character must move again at the end of the story. Both Roger and the boy from the circuit must overcome things.

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