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‘Swades’ Movie Review

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This caused a major shift from the rigid ways of the caste system and ewe classes seemed to emerge propelled by financial power. The beliefs that had dominated society for hundreds of years underwent dynamic changes and many superstitions and myths were exposed. Despite the fundamental changes that swept the country and re-arranged its long established social framework, modern India still takes refuge in the ancient wisdom of its forefathers. It is now comprised of both western and eastern elements that are locked in a constant struggle to achieve dominance. Eave chosen the movie Swedes for exactly this reason. Directed by Shutout Gawkier and starring Shark Khan, the movie allows the story of a non-resident Indian (Moan) living in the United States of America and working for NASA He decides to come home to the village in which he was raised and the consequent series of events that occur leave him with a strong sense of patriotism and duty toward his own country. 70% of the Indian population is estimated to be living in villages and rural set-ups.

The movie reveals that the standard of living and literacy rates in most villages are low and scope for improving the current circumstances are hindered by orthodox and backward ideals. Moan’s return to India unfolds as a quest geared towards finding his roots. He is aided on his journey by Xavier mama who helped raise him and by Get, the girl who he eventually falls in love with. Today, Indian society is characterized by the dual influence of western concepts and ancient Indian thought.

It is naive to view one as right and the other as wrong because both have a multitude of common aspects and also serve separate spheres beneficially. However, there are times when the two hold conflicting stands on certain issues. An example of this is the way sexuality is expressed in Indian society. Traditional Indian clothes are now being replaced by western garments which are viewed as more revealing and this is the cause for much debate and dispute within the walls of a society in which sexuality is not publicized.

Still, western influences have their benefits and nowhere are these as evident as in the department of science and technology. The luxury and the convenience that this department has contributed to daily life is unparalleled and has now become as basic as most necessities. The movie illustrates this when Moan who has been educated in the United States, uses his skills to help the people of his village. He sets up an independent hydro-electric power plant that converts the flow of water in a near-by stream into electricity.

In this way, he raises the people’s awareness and teaches them how to help themselves in a world where only the adept survive. The movie exposes Indian society as having a regressive and passive attitude towards the changes that are surrounding them. It shows the need for strong leadership and for people who take the initiative to make changes at the grass-root level. Swedes also illustrates that true efficiency can only happen if urban India realizes and actively participates in the development f the rural areas that make up most of the country.

By the end of the movie, Moan is deeply moved by the people and the places he visits. On returning to NASA in the U. S. A. , he is overcome by nostalgia and decides to follow his heart and go back to India. He realizes that his country needs him and decides to dedicate everything he knows to serving this purpose. In conclusion, it is clear that both worlds play an important part in the outlook that Indians have today. The youth of our country are striving to find a balance between the moral and ethical basis of our religions and the fast paced world of globalizes economic change.

The answer lies in utilizing the best of both cultures and putting aside passive acceptance. The dogmas of the past have to be done away with and orthodox authority has to be questioned. As large joint families are making way for the modern nuclear families and the media are openly discussing issues that were once taboo, change is taking place rapidly and is dynamically altering our worldview in order that we can create a society that functions for the singular PU repose of symbiosis.

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