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1. What characteristics do Michael Faraday, Nikola Tesla, and Daniel Hale Williams have in common? List three common characteristics in the Characteristic column. In the space under each scientist’s name, provide examples of each characteristic from each story to support your answer? Answer:

Michael Faraday
Nikola Tesla
Daniel Hale Williams successful
Michael invented the electric motor.
He invented man things including the a/c motor
He was the first black man to own his own hospital tenacious
He never gave he read every book he could even though he came from a poor family He never gave up even when people said that he should stop trying to come up with a better motor. He never gave up even though it was very tough for a black man to become as successful in his field. humble

He wanted to get more people into science, and because of this he was not selling expensive tickets Nikola did not want to patent his inventions.
He did not care about the race gender or money a person was or had, all he wanted to do was help people (15 points)

2. How do you know that each of these selections thus far incorporates both facts and fictional elements? Give one example of fact and fiction from each of the stories. Remember that the fictional element may be based on facts, but may be a fictionalization of an event. Answer:

“Michael Faraday’s World”
“Nikola Tesla, Inventor”
“Healing a Wounded Heart: Daniel Hale Williams”

When he worked as an apprentice at a book binding shop.
When he invented the a/c motor. Because that invention led to other inventions that we use today. When Daniel opened his hospital because there is evidence on that opening. Fictional elements
At the end of the book when he speaks to the two children, you can not know if that did happen. The weather for certain days there is no way to exatly know what the weather was unless he had a diary. I could not find any,

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