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1. There are Native Sycamore trees that are planted on the south side. The south side also allows the sun in the winter time to go through windows which creates heat to the concreate floor. 2. These spaces are designed for students to be able to watch environmental videos and to discuss about projects. My impressions are that it is a good thing to have open space to work on projects with other people. 3. There are chairs and carpet that are made from recycled materials which are interesting because there are using materials that can be reused rather than using up more resources. 6. The bioswale so it can catch rainwater and utilize it for the soil and plants. The restroom saves up water and reduce use of electricity from using the sun instead. 7. The light shelf allows the sunlight to enter in classrooms better to minimize use of electricity. 8. One of my favorite spaces is the Max 1 or 2 because it allows people to get together and work together.

10. The sycamore tree leaves fall down during winter so when it gets to spring and summer time, there would be new leaves to provide shade. The bioswale serves a purpose to catch rainwater so it can go to the soil around the buildings instead of the sewer. 11. I think the primary teaching and learning method at the KCES is about how the environment works, what we can do to help, and also how to use and conserve different resources. 13. I think it is to help and allow plants to be at the KCES with the use of resources around it and to have students study them. 14. The sun is used to create thermal mass to allow concrete floor to be heated. 15. No comments.

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