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Korea Essays


Korea's View On Women and Gender

            Korea’s view on women and gender inequality has been an issue since the beginning of time. In the past, the country did not see the importance of women. They were discriminated and regarded as inferior to men. However, this

International Relations

Abstract           Given the complex nature of international politics and the world economy, the two have become closely associated as times have changed.  Moreover, these items play a large part in the quest for status among the nations of the

The Effects of Globalization on the South Korean Environment

            Globalization has many interesting long-term and short-term effects and has remained a debatable issue over the past decades as to its positive and negative outcomes. Changing world policies has hastened economic progress and upsurged political stability among conflicting states.

North Korea & US

North Korea’s human rights record poses a great challenge to the free world. North Korea executes political prisoners and repatriated refugees; it performs forced abortions and commits infanticide on small kids; it suppresses religious freedom; engages in routine and severe

Martial Arts In Korea

Introduction Practices which are coded and training of traditional nature incorporated in systems is what is commonly referred to as martial arts. They are many reasons for engaging in martial arts, but they serve a sole purpose of ensuring one

Economy of South Korea

INTRODUCTION:             “Korea lack natural resources but having industrious literate people as its greatest asset. Its drive to succeed and its strategic alliance between government and private industry in carefully selecting export promotion and Import substitution strategy.”(Todaro, pg 533) The

Korean American Experience

Korean-Americans constitute the 5th largest Asian American subgroup in the US comprising approximately of one and a half million citizens as of 2000.  Korean immigration can be traced back in 1882 when Korea signed the Treaty of Amity and Commerce,

The 38th Parallel

            The 38th parallel, which roughly bisects the Korean peninsula, is best understood as an accident of history, an originally temporary measure that has lasted far longer than its creators intended.  During World War II, the Korean peninsula, along with

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