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This formal newsletter was written on 19th of September, 2012 by Dr John K McGuire P.H.D, MOA, and Principal of Turramurra Christian Grammar School. It appeared in the Parents Newsletter as a response to concerns raised, regarding mobile phones. The Principal is announcing the school’s Board decision that they have ban phones because they are distractive and problematic. The Principal supports the school ban. The writers tone is formal, direct, authoritative and forceful. The letter has been formally laid out. It contains the school logo with the school’s motto, “Obedience to Conscience” printed below it. This has a strong impression on the audience who will recognize the authority and high concerns of the Board and Principal. There is an image of a Crucifix as well which represents the religious aspect of the school. Parents will accept that as a Christian school the school has the authority to pass directions without consultation. Underneath the school motto is the school address and the title of the Principal.

The reader is informed that he is a Doctor of Philosophy and holds an MOA. As such he knows what he is talking about. The letter’s school logo with the motto, the crucifix and formal titles of the principal creates a sense of authority and the readers will have no doubt to understand the seriousness of the announcement of the Principal and his intention to enforce the rule that ‘ no students will be allowed to bring a mobile phone onto school property.’ The statement is in bold letters which tells us that this pronouncement is not optional but a directive and as such is not up for discussion. The principal has a directive tone in most of the letter. He uses his tone to make clear to the target audience, who are the parents of the students attending the school, that there will be no compromising and that it is a ruling that all students must follow.

The principal further strengthens his case by writing in dot pints to convey the school’s reasoning on behalf of the Board of Directors and the school council. The principal appeals to parents academic ideals by noting security concerns for tests and examinations. He furthermore uses words such as ‘emergencies’, ’lost’ and ‘accidently’ in sarcastic way to describe the misuse of the phone by the students. He deliberately refers to the decision as being that of the Board of Directors, in an attempt to create an impression of the high authority from which the decision came.

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