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The film demonstrates the concept of time and changes from the beginning of his reign, from being dismissed from his position, from having a well spend life, from being a puppet under the Japanese, brought to be imprisoned and after being release back to public life, he ended working as a gardener in the country he once ruled. The first scene that can support my idea is the part where after his stay inside the Forbidden City, he was finally sent out. He spent his life embracing music and dancing as a guest of the Japanese in Tientsin. The second scene that can support my idea is the part where after being freed from prison, many years went by and China’s way of government was changed from empires that is ruled by an emperor to the Communist way of ruling.

I describe his actions as the things I will strongly disagree. I was very disappointed on the parts where he often follows what the Japanese says. For me, as a person you can see or feel if someone dictates the things you should do and you should not. I can see that he just doesn’t have the choice so he came up with those decisions. A scene that justifies his experiences from being an emperor to a gardener is the part where he is watching the show in the prison where he can see himself being the puppet of the Japanese and seeing many people die because of his past decisions. I saw that he felt guilty when he stood while watching the show.

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