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I chose to write about my high school golf coach Sue Saalfeld. I chose to write about my coach because she has been very influential throughout my high school and now my college career. When I asked her what is her philosophy of leadership she said that you must set clear expectations and completely understand the responsibilities of you position. Don’t waste your talents or other’s talents. You owe it to yourself, family and service to challenge your own capabilities and the capabilities of those you lead. When asked about what qualities make up a great leader she said honesty, the ability to delegate, communication, humor, confidence, commitment, have a positive attitude, creativity, intuition, and the ability to inspire others. She also said that interpersonal skills are important because you need to be able to understand how to deal with other people.

You also need to be able to communicate with others. And you need to be honest and fair in order to create good relationships with others. When I asked her about a leader that she admires she said “ a leader that I admire would have to be my sister, Crystal. I love and respect her deeply because she didn’t base her life off of others opinions. I think of her as a leader and not a follower. if I was to consider her to be a follower, I probably would not have considered her so dependable, supportive, and attentive. I admire the way she can admit to her mistakes even as a leader, and she often tells me that everyone is flawed, even our greatest heroes. Crystal is a person who doesn’t always need her voice to teach a lesson. Through her experience, I’ve observed what she doesn’t need to speak aloud. And I admire here even more for that.

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