Learning Essays


Classical, Operant, and Cognitive

In this essay, I hope to give you, the audience, the basics of the three main learning theories: Classical, Operant, and Cognitive. The main question in sport is how do these theories apply to certain sport and how can a

The Ideal Learning Environment

In order of me to determine how I would coach a certain group, I am going to investigate the different types of presentation of skills, guidance, teaching styles and practice conditions. Guidance “Guidance is information given to the learner or

Online Learning

Online learning also known as E-learning that is a learning experience delivered via a computer and the internet. Besides, Internet has many online learning opportunities that will allow us to gain a higher education, learn new skills and become more

Focus on the Learner

1. Mauro is a 38-year-old Argentinian man, but he has been living in Barcelona for nearly 10 years now. He started studying English when he was 8 and went on until he turned 22. During that period he experienced different

Key Aspects Of Legislation

1.1 Summarise key aspects of legislation, regulatory requirements, and codes of practice relating to own role and responsibilities. A role is: The function assumed or part played by a person or thing in a particular situation A responsibility is: the

My Personal Vark

My Learning style is the Multimodal learning style. According to the VARK, my learning styles include the following multimodal learning style: Visual -7; Aural -8; Read/Write -12; and Kinesthetic – 6 (Fleming, 2011, online). According to the VARK, I scored

Study Skills for Distance Learning

Work a nine day forthright (week one five days, week two four days).Home from work at approximately 1715.Holiday periods.Not always driving on my commute to work.| Three hour daily commute leaving home at 0530.Full time employment. Weaknesses Motivation to Study

Direct Instruction Model

“The purpose of the Direct Instruction model is to teach knowledge and skills that are already definable, easily illustrated, and reliably improved with practice.” (Estes, 2011) Contributors to the understanding of Direct Instruction include social learning theory, behavioral psychology, and

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