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Individuel Case Study of Marketing
Lego Friends

1. What is Lego Friends ?
Lego Friends is a new type of Lego launched in order to invite girls to play with Legos.

2. When was it launched ?
It was launched the 15th December of 2011 in France.

3. How is Lego Friends different form other Lego products in terms of its a. Segmentation and positioning.
With that product, Lego is targeting girls who haven’t played with Lego yet. Indeed, they want to tap a new market because until now, only Boys play with Lego. They want to change the image of only building something, they want that girls build their own story and have a lot of accessories, beauty, real world themes and all the things that would make the difference between games for 5 years girls and less and these toys. b. Marketing Mix (4 Ps)

Product: Lego developed something more beautiful to fit to girls needs, they add accessories, and real world themes. Price: It starts from 5,99$ to 99,99$. Place: It is displayed on every supermarket and hypermarket, even in internet. Promotion: Tv Ads, a big Marketing Campaign of an amount of $40 Million. 4. In your opinion, state whether this is the good product and if it works for Lego. Why or Why not ?

I really think that is the good product because girls want to have something that they can invent a history, for example they did a very interesting thing with their heroes called Olivia, Stephanie, Emma, Mia and Andrea. Girls can identify themselves to them and live through them. And because they offered some specials stuffs for boys (Star wars etc…), girls now feel ggod because they are considered by Lego, so they buy it. Another thing is
that these Lego are design to not be considered as little children game, so girls don’t hesitate to play with it and with their friends (because it’s called Lego friends).

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