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I have recently read your letter about zoos which are out-of-date and where the animal keepers treat the animals cruel. I think the article talked about only the zoos’ bad side which is very sad but I’m sure that we can find a lot of zoos which shows us the opposite.

In my opinion the zoos can be educational because they keep exotic animals which most of us couldn’t see in their natural environment in Asia or Africa. To visit a good zoo is our only opportunity to get to know some wonderful animal like elephants, lions, giraffes, zebras, tigers, hippos or other exotic one.

I have to draw your attention to another important fact. Some animals are very threatened by poachers and the zoos sometimes save the most threatened species from extinction. These zoos are centres of conservation and without them we would have lose the balance of the nature.

Sometimes living in their natural habits would cause serious dangers. The animals would have to face that people change their natural environment. The increasingly growing cities, roads cause big noises which together with the very bright lights disturb the animals that lose their natural instincts and they suffer them a lot.

I can mention the safari parks too where the animals live in their natural environment in their own climate, they can hunt and breed in safety and people can visit them whenever.

I think in most of the zoos the zoo owners try to verify the good treatment because the visitors dislike to see sick or bad tempered animals.

I recommend you some articles which talk about the zoos advantages and I hope they could change your opinion.

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