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            I humbly request from your good office to please consider my readmission to the university. I left school because I was not performing well in my courses but now, I am ready to study again and do better. I realized that my disappointing academic performance was mainly due to several distractions in my life such as a crippling financial problem, poor health and a family crisis. However, I have dealt with all of those problems once and for all and now nothing can distract me from doing good and even excelling in school.

            I strongly believe that if that I am more than qualified to be readmitted to the university because my I have to ability to bounce back from any problem in life. I consider my past problems as merely obstacles that I have to overcome in order to reach my goal. Although my personal problems have distracted me in the past, they have also made me a stronger and better person. I believe that my past experiences, no matter how sad they may be, will greatly help me in my studies because I now know how to deal with problems and pressure. In addition, I basically see this as an opportunity for me to start all over again and give my life a new direction.

Obtaining a college degree is my top priority right now because I believe that it is only through education coupled with hard work and determination that I can establish a successful career and have a good life in the future.  If am blessed and fortunate enough to be readmitted to the university, I will work hard to prove to everyone, especially to myself, that I can defy all the odds stacked against me and successfully obtain my college degree. If readmitted, I will see it as a challenge for me to rise to the occasion and prove that I belong to the school and that I can be an asset to them.

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