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My name is Freddy Dijor and I am one of your fellow students in your EN1320 Composition 1 course. I am always early to class because I am eager to learn as much as humanely possible. What bothers me the most is when my fellow students that pay thousands of dollars to go to this school and they end up just slacking off and doing the minimum required. I just don’t understand them and why they don’t care if they end up in debt and without any knowledge by the end of the course. However all that being said, English is my weak point and I hope to change that during this class. I am not sure what you skill level in English Composite 1 is but I still have a lot to learn and I hope I am able to learn from our teacher.

With that in mind and as I told the teacher a goal that I have set is to strengthen my writing skills upon completion of this course. However my number 1 goal is to get an A+ in the course and I will do whatever it takes to accomplish that goal. You will learn a lot about me as being my fellow classmate but one thing that you will see stand out the most is when I set my mind to something I go over and beyond to accomplish that mind set.

My expectations coincide with my goals; I presume that the course will clarify the individual structures for the various forms of writing. I’m expecting to gain skills from the teacher in order to become a more skilled writer, with an improved understanding of English Composite. I have hopes that the course will touch upon my interest and build my skill level for future assignments and endeavors involving the world of English.

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