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Letter to Cousin About a Vacation Essay Sample

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Letter to Cousin About a Vacation Essay Sample

How are you? I hope you’re in the pink of health. It’s been a pretty long time since I last write you a letter. I do have the guts to do so but my time was always packed with homeworks and school activities.

Do you know that last month was my birthday? My father took our whole family on a vacation for a weekend as my birthday present. I was so axcited when he informed us that we’d visit the famous Jeju Island located in South Korea as it was my dream place vacation after all. It feels like a dream comes true and I can hardly describe how am I feeling that time.

Jeju Island is one of the most visited place in Korea. A lot of newly-wed couple have their honeymoon there. The scenery was so cool and beautiful, the weather was fine and the people were friendly too. There’s nothing I could say about the accomodation. Everything was perfect. The food was nice. I love kimchi so much. You won’t get fat even if you eat it in a large amount as it is made of main vegetable ingredients and the mix of seasonings used to flavor the kimchi. Those are the reasons why I chose Jeju Island as a tourist spot to visit.

I can never forget those sweet moments I’ve spent with my family. We went to the beach, play voleeyball together, and have fun. We went to a traditional theatre and to the shopping mall to buy some souvenirs. Oh, I bought one for you too. It’s in the package. I hope you’ll like it. And the most unforgettable moment I had was when I wore hanbok which is the korea traditional cloth. We wore it for dinner and watch firecracker together. I was feeling so ecstatic and excited and I can guarantee that I will never ever forget this lovely trip until I get old.

I felt very happy and thankful because I got to spend a lot of time with my family. Both of my parents are very busy and rarely at home so I don’t know hoe to express my gratitude to them for willingly steal some time for me. It was the greatest birthday present I’ve ever recieved.

That’s all for now. Do write me a letter and tell me what’s happening to you now. I have to stop writing because it’s already midnight and I need to go to school tomorrow. I’ll write to you more soon.

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